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Microsoft teases new Android phone, possibly the Nokia X2

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 20, 2014

NokiaWith Nokia officially becoming part of Microsoft, it wouldn’t be completely unfounded to assume that the company will stick to Windows Phone platform for its phones. That would mean that the Nokia X could be the first and the last Android device to leave Nokia’s factory with Android on board. It seems, however, that Microsoft is willing to continue its adventure with Android phones, or at least this is the speculation that arises from Microsoft’s new teaser. Quite possibly the device that the company has now dropped hints about is the rumored earlier Nokia X2.

Microsoft Nokia X2 Android phone due next week?

Microsoft TeaserThe teaser was released on Nokia Conversations blog and is very enigmatic, to say the least. It is titled “Green with envy” and includes only one sentence – “Summer brings out our inner glow.” There is also a timer that counts down to Tuesday June 24th and an image showing several shades of green and a white stripe in the middle. Aside from that, the teaser doesn’t offer even one clue as to what will happen on June 24th.

Why would we think that a successor to the Nokia X is on its way? First, green is the color associated with Android. Second, a few weeks back a rumor claiming that Microsoft will continue working on Android phones hit the mill. Finally, a very similar green image appeared on Chinese version of Nokia’s site. The Chinese teaser is made of four green tiles, three of which are arrange to make a nice X. Well, not exact. The lower right arm of the X is replaced by the date June 24th; however, if you put two and two together, the pieces start to fall into place.

The teaser doesn’t provide a single hint as to what we can expect of the upcoming device. Earlier rumors regarding the Nokia X2 focus on 4.3-inch display, 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 5-megapixel camera. The phone is also expected to run heavily customized version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It’s certainly not a very dramatic upgrade over the Nokia X, but the company’s first Android phone was meant to be an entry-level device that would ease the transition from feature phone to smartphone. The Nokia X2 is said to serve basically the same purpose.

The detail that is still up in the air is the phone’s name. For now it’s referred to as Nokia X2; however, with Nokia now owned by Microsoft, it’s unclear whether the company could still be able to use such name. Whatever they decide, let’s hope that the device won’t arrive as, for example, Microsoft X because somehow doesn’t sound right.

The teaser is mysterious and leaves a lot of room for speculation. It could be interpreted in many different ways and the Android-powered Nokia X2 is only one of them. It’s also possible that the company might be releasing new color options of existing devices, though it doesn’t seem important enough to involve a countdown clock. But then again, who knows? One thing is certain, though. Whatever Microsoft is cooking, will be served four days from today, so stay tuned and check back for more news.

source: Nokia

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