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Microsoft kills Nokia Android program, the next Nokia X will run Windows

ByinAnnouncements | July 18, 2014

Windows MobileNo more Nokia Android phones – announces the Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop. Along with its official statement on Nokia and Windows Phone new bond, Microsoft has put an end to Nokia Android phones. The relationship between Nokia and Android was just a short affair. Now, the company wants to equipped their smartphones with Windows Phone system, aspiring to gain dominance on both: low- and high-end markets.

Next Nokia X will run Windows…

Microsoft The new, eliminating Android from Nokia phones, policy appears to aim at challenging Android in the bottom-end market. Since, the prize is high – the semi-monopoly position on the more affordable devices market, the competition can be fierce. Microsoft has started the rivalry quite aggressively through offering their mobile OS for smartphones and tablets completely out of charge. Apparently, the company simply attempts to convince the manufacturers to install their product instead of the Google’s.

Microsoft wants to win the more affordable smartphone market, which according to Elop ist the most rapidly-growing market in the mobile sector recently. They want to achieve their goal with the Lumia line of products. The company plans to supply additional lower-cost Lumia devices by adapting selected elements of future Nokia X’s design to running Windows Phone Lumia.

Elop also ensures the Nokia X current users that the company will continue to support the already purchased Nokia Android devices, including Nokia X2 which is scheduled to debut on July 24th. Then, the phone is supposed to go on sale globally at the end of this year, but will there be anyone interested in buying the device, which status is terminal right at the moment of unveiling? This Microsoft’s move definitely dooms the fate of the handset, labeling it with the “collector’s item” tag.

Will plans of reaching strong position on developing markets mean end of high-end products line? Certainly, no. Microsoft makes commitment that flagships product, such as, for instance: Nokia Lumia Icon still have a safe place in the company’s new plans. To conquer the higher-end market they promise to launch innovating high-spec devices.

In addition, Elop announced that Microsoft plans to unite the Smart Devices with mobile phones in order to create one business unit dealing with all mobile phone efforts. He also said that along with the implementation of new policy and remodeling of production plans about 18.000 Microsoft’s employees, most of whom were adopted during the merge with Nokia, will receive lay-offs by the end of 2014. Doesn’t this sound like cutting-down costs policy?

So, according to Elop’s memo to the Microsoft’s troops, the Android skinned to pretend Windows Phone handset was just a short experiment. Has anyone ever thought that Microsoft bought Nokia to boost Android’s confidence on the market? This situation was pretty predictable.

Source: Microsoft

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