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Microsoft just announced Xbox One, the next generation gaming console

ByinAnnouncements | May 21, 2013

Xbox OneMicrosoft just announced that their next Xbox that will be known as Xbox One. The company announced the new generation gaming console this afternoon from its campus located in Redmond, WA. The official announcement put to the end all rumors about the next-generation entertainment console, called by exec Don Mattrick “all-in-one” box. The purpose of the Xbox One is to be simple, instant and complete. During the show, Microsoft also unveiled new re-designed controller and the new Kinect camera.

Microsoft Xbox One Video Gaming Console

Xbox One Console Kinect ControllerThe Xbox One itself is a big, wide black rectangle enhanced by two-tone finish with both matte and gloss. As of design, in our opinion, the console can be compared to VCRs. A Blu-ray optical drive slot is located on the left side, where the touch-based power button is emblazoned on the right side.

In terms of specs, the Xbox One comes powered by eight-core processor, and offers USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and direct connectivity. As of features the One will bring Blu-ray, multitasking, Snap Mode, and ability to launch much more powerful games. The console will be available on market with two storage versions: 8 GB storage as well as 500 GB.

Along with the console the new Kinect motion camera and the new controller has been introduced to the public. As a part of “simple, instant and complete” idea, the Xbox One’s UI offers a switch with an impressive speed between live TV, games and entertainment in a snap with simple gestures. Xbox One KinectThe Xbox One controller has been also redesigned compared to the Xbox 360. It comes with improved shoulder buttons, sticks and revised D-Pad buttons.

The good news is that the console won’t have to be always connected to internet. In the other words players won’t be restricted from playing games if connection drops. The Xbox One is designed that users can watch live TV, watch Blu-ray movies and enjoy games even if the connection will be lost.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One won’t be compatible with your collection of Xbox 360 games. Controller for Xbox oneMicrosoft rep said that the Xbox One has been launched to play an entirely new generation of games, which are “architected to take full advantage of state-of-the-art processors and the infinite power of the cloud.” On the other hand the console will support using pre-owned games.

The first set of games released for Xbox One includes FIFA 14, Forza 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Madden NFL 25. All titles will be backed by the latest EA Sports Ignite game engine and will receive some exclusive Xbox One content. Along with the games, Xbox Studios will release 15 exclusive titles in the first year, and eight of those will be brand new franchises. The biggest news is that the Xbox One will feature Halo Television Series directed by Steven Spielberg.

In the end, it’s worth to mention about the Microsoft content delivery system. The Xbox Live service will be backed by an impressive number of 300,000 servers. It will allow the company prevent the Xbox service disturbance and will ensure that users will reach more content and apps than TV and anything else could ever offer.

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