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Metro PCS undercuts Boost Mobile and Cricket with new unlimited prepaid plan for $30 a month

ByinAnnouncements | March 24, 2015

Metro PCS 30 $ OfferWith so many cheap plans available on the market today, customers can pick and choose basically any prepaid service for less any without any limitations. What does it mean for carriers? The ones who want to score new subscribers or at least keep the existing ones, need to stand out from the rest somehow. One of the easiest ways to do so is to offer a similar product at a lower price than competition. Until recently Boost Mobile and Cricket were considered leaders in prepaid sector but the situation is about to change. Now Metro PCS undercut both networks with a new unlimited prepaid plan for $30 a month.

Metro PCS launches the cheapest unlimited prepaid plan available on the market today

Metro PCSMetro PCS’ new plan has a few advantages over other prepaid options. First off all, at just $30 per month it’s cheaper than the currently offered Boost or Cricket’s $35 plans. Moreover, it doesn’t require signing up for auto pay in order to get the discounted price. Like other similar plans, Metro PCS’ offer includes unlimited talk, text and data. However, worth mentioning is the fact that only the first 1GB is high-speed. What happens when you use the fast data but need more? You will still be able to access the Internet for the remainder of your billing cycle, but at slower speed.

The new plan comes with a few restrictions at to what phones you can use. To start off, you can’t activate the plan on just any smartphone – the device must be purchased directly from Metro PCS online store or authorized dealer. The handset should be GSM-compatible but can’t include 4G LTE connectivity as this type of connectivity is not supported. Metro PCS phones that work with the plan include among others the LG Optimus F60 currently sold for $49, the Samsung Galaxy Light priced at $49, and the ZTE Zmax for $99.

Apparently, this new plan is not a permanent addition to Metro PCS’ offer. The company’s spokesman didn’t give any dates, but made it clear that the deal is temporary. At some point it will be no longer available for purchase; however, for now we don’t know when it might happen. Don’t worry, though. When you decide to jump on the new plan, the price will remain the same until you switch to another plan.

source: Metro PCS

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