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Metro PCS kicks off Black Friday Buy One Get One Free promo

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 21, 2015

Many of us have been living with Black Friday on our mind for at least a month. It’s no wonder, since wherever we turn we are reminded that the busiest shopping day is coming soon. In fact Black Friday deals are no longer limited to Black Friday – many start days or even weeks before that day and last long after. If you are in the market for a new phone or two, Metro PCS just kicked off Black Friday Buy One Get One Free promo.

Metro PCS BOGO Sale is now on – Who doesn’t like free phones?

MetroPCS Promo
The promo name is pretty self-explanatory and since we have seen many similar deals before, you probably know what to expect. All you have to do is buy one phone and Metro PCS will give you another one for free. Of course, there a few conditions you will have to meet in order to take advantage of the deal. First of all, the free phone can’t be more expensive than the one you will be paying for. It means that you can get two units of the same model or you can opt for a different device as long as it has a lower price tag. However, you can’t choose just any phone, since only five models are included in the deal: the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, Kyocera Hydro Wave, LG Leon, LG 450 and ZTE Obsidian.

Moreover, you will have to activate both phones on one of Metro PCS’s new plans which include the carrier’s new services, that is Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer. The former lets you stream music without it counting against your monthly data allowance, while the latter allows for streaming 480p video instead of 1080p this way extending data usage up to three times. Back to the promotion, keep in mind that the deal is not available online so you will have to go to actual Metro PCS store or an authorized dealer. Also remember that the promotion expires on November 30th.

Metro PCS probably had this deal planned long time ago, but in the light of recent events it kind of feels like the carrier is trying to make up for the security breach that put in danger customers’ personal data. Whatever the reason, though, getting a phone absolutely for free is always a treat, even if the device is not the most high-end offering on the market.

source: Metro PCS

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