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Lumia Android phones developed as a part of Nokia’s secret project

ByinLeaks & Rumors | September 15, 2013

Nokia Official Slogan“Android” and “Lumia” in one sentence does sound kind of weird, wouldn’t you say? No matter how weird it seems, we have just learned that such devices actually existed. Lumia Android phones were developed as a part of Nokia’s secret project and obviously were not available to public. New York Times reveals that according to their sources, Android was “up and running on the company’s Lumia handsets” before Nokia and Microsoft signed the acquisition deal. Few people knew about the project, but apparently Microsoft knew about the secret.

Nokia Lumia Android phones unfulfilled dream…

Microsoft Nokia Acquisition DealNo wonder Nokia kept its Android Lumia project confidential. Nokia’s original deal with Microsoft for licensing Windows Phone actually did not prevent the company from using Android OS in its phone, but it was in Nokia’s best interest to stick to Windows Phone OS, simply for financial reasons. Nokia’s comment from July 2012 does not leave any doubt that the sums involved were huge. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

The deal between Nokia and Microsoft would have been valid until late 2014. Chances were strong that when it expired, Nokia would go ahead with mass production of its Android Lumia phones. Now that Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone and service business, an Android-powered Lumia will most probably remain an unfulfilled dream. Unless Nokia’s former employees working under the brand Newkia manage to give a life to Android devices in the near future. That certainly would be an interesting experience.

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