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Nokia Lumia 630 Moneypenny press image leak out, may run Windows Phone 8.1

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 23, 2014

NokiaAn unannounced Nokia Windows phone just showed its face to the world thanks to our one and the only @evleaks. The device, codenamed Moneypenny, is actually called Nokia Lumia 630 and seems to resemble the Lumia 620 released over a year ago. The photo tweeted by the tipster isn’t accompanied by any technical details but an attentive observer will deduce a thing or two from the image alone.

Nokia Lumia 630 aka Moneypenny

Lumia 630What we can see is obviously a Windows Phone device (the tiles are pretty self-explanatory). The device appears to have on-screen buttons and since Microsoft revealed that the next version of Windows Phone will support such feature, it’s a safe bet that the Nokia Lumia 630 will run Windows Phone 8.1.

The handset has a green back, and will most likely be available in several other color options just like other Lumia phones. There is no indication of the device supporting 4G connectivity. On the contrary, the phone shows a 3G icon next to the signal strength, which clearly suggests a lower-end offering and lack of the 4G LTE support.

Rumored features include a 4-inch display and 1 GB of RAM under the hood. Based on the rumors, the Finnish manufacturer is allegedly working on a dual-SIM smartphone, but apparently the Lumia 630 isn’t that phone. This feature should be expected rather on the Lumia 635 variant, which would be the very first dual-SIM Windows Phone.

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