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LG Optimus Vu II with Panorama Note and Vu Talk features introduced at CES

ByinAnnouncements | January 10, 2013

LG Vu II PhonesIf you enjoyed the LG Intuition on Verizon CDMA network, also know as LG Optimus Vu, its GSM version, you will be happy to know that is has a successor. The LG Vu Optimus II has made an appearance at Consumer Electronic Show, and we hasten to report that it looks just like its predecessor, which can be summarized with one word – different, or as some would say weird. You will definitely not mistake the Optimus Vu II for another smartphone, due to its unusual measurements resulting in a 4:3 aspect ratio of the display. The new Optimus Vu II is one of the first LG smartphones to come with pretty interesting feature – Panorama Note.

LG Phone with Panorama NoteThe LG Optimus Vu II features a 5-inch XGA (768 x 1024) IPS LCD panel, which may not offer the 1080p display sharpness, but it still is detailed enough to make out fine text. Meant as a note-taking device for scribbling and doodling on a large screen, the handset comes with a stylus called Rubberdium.

Disappointingly, the LG Optimus Vu II runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but on the bright side, it offers a few really cool features. One of them is LG Vu Talk, which allows two LG Optimus Vu II handsets to share notes with one another. Anyone is up for a quick tic-tac-toe game?

LG added a new feature to the phablet called Panorama Note, which will make creating “extra wide 3:1 ratio memos and drawings” super easy. The resulting image can be scrolled, zoomed, moved or edited. It’s like having a huge piece of canvas to write on. Panorama Note even features a Mini Map for navigating the creation, so you will not get lost in your own masterpiece.

LG is planning to made Panorama Note feature available on specific target models later this year.

more info: LG (Press Release)

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