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LG patents a phone that will bend to fit a band on your arm like a slap bracelet

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 15, 2015

LG LogoSmartwatches are a pretty common gadgets serving as an additional accessory that enhance your use of a smartphone. But, what if a smartwatch and a smartphone come as a one device attached to your arm to make and receive phone calls? This is exactly what LG plans to introduce to the mobile market in the future. The South Korean manufacturer patents a phone that will bend to fit a band on your arm like a slap bracelet. Few days ago a new LG device was awarded a Design Patent D726,140 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. If you feel like interested in modern tech initiatives, let’s check the gadget’s details.

A Bendable Phone-Watch Hybrid Device

LG Smartphone Bracelet PatentLG filled for the new design patent back in January 2014 and last week the bendable phone-watch hybrid device received the US Patent Office approval. According to the patent documentation the manufacturer have ambitious plans to launch a smartphone with so-called “ornamental design”.

In practice it means that the display of the phone would bend backwards to fit the shape of your arm. The smartphone when not used can be docked onto a special bracelet through a strong magnet for example and turn into a smart cuff. Perhaps the design looks highly futuristic, but LG claim that the phone will perform just like any other smartphone delivering its potential user a full functionality.

LG Bracelet PatentAlthough LG have already showed that they are able to produce a flexible screen and apply it into a smartphone, it is still not enough. At this point a fully bendable device adjusting its shape to its users wrist is out of bounds since it doesn’t only require a flexible screen but also a bendable processor or a battery (all have to stand thousands of repetitive bends), which though close to achieve are still out of reach of modern mobile technology.

Unfortunately, unlike a more common utility patent a US design patent covers devices that don’t actually have to work. They only have to be a fresh, innovative tech idea. What means that the discussed today fusion of a smartwatch and phone may never come into the light. However it would be nice to see dreams about fully flexible combination of a watch and phone coming true.

source: USP

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