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LG Optimus F series photo leaks ahead of WMC

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 21, 2013

LGHave you been wondering how the new F-series of Android phones by LG looks like? The devices are expected to be shown at World Mobile Congress in a few days, but you do not have to wait that long to take a look at two of the handsets. Courtesy of @evleaks, the looks of the Optimus F7 and Optimus F5 are no longer a secret.

LG Optimus F series – What we know so far.

LG Optimus F SeriesWhat we can see from the photos is that the F-series phones resemble the L-series and is very LG-ish, which is a good thing, if you want to be recognizable as a brand. Both phones are white (silver) and the Optimus F7 has a larger screen and comes with two soft keys, while the smaller Optimus F5 traditionally has three. Obviously, both run Android. Other that that, we know nothing about specs and features.

Of course, there have been some speculations about the LG F-series and the F letter got teased by the company itself in an MWC promo video yesterday to stand for “freedom”, but nothing specific came up do far. Unless new leaks or rumors appear in the coming days, we will have to wait for WMC to know the details.

source: @evleaks

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