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LG shows off new generation of large-format flexible and transparent displays

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 24, 2014

LG Flexi DisplayAlthough LG wasn’t the first one to present their 18-inch bendable and transparent display, there is still something mesmerizing in this innovative product. Along with the official demo video of the new flexible and transparent screen posted on YouTube by the Korean company itself, we can witness sci-fi-movie devices becoming reality.

World’s first flexible OLED displays of this size

LG DisplaySo far, we can only watch the photos presenting the magical screen, but now LG gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at the device. Both demo videos show the displays in action.

The first video presents 18-inch polyamide based, rolling up screen with a bend radius up to 30R, which in other words means that you can freely bend the display back and forth without making any damage to it. The image displayed on the screen is sharp, vivid and undisturbed by bending.

Although, due to its 1200×810 pixel resolution, the device won’t definitely be a commercial market product, the company ensures that by 2017 they are able to launch a staggering 60-inch flexible display with 4K resolution technology (which is said to be 4x sharper than Full HD) which can be rolled up to form a 3cm in diameter tube.

The second video concerns semi-transparent LG’s display panel with transmittance rated at 30 percent, which maybe isn’t an impressive result, but we shouldn’t forget that currently available semi-transparent screens have 10 percent of transmittance rate. Furthermore, the company promise to do their best to give the world a semi-transparent screen with 40 percent transmittance.

Just to refresh some facts, in 2013 at CES, Samsung presented the prototype of the seeing-through OLED display case. Though, LG isn’t the first one to present transparent display panel, their claim that their product is more advanced in terms of transparency and image clarity.

The recent revelations can mean one thing – a completely new chapter in the history of electronics is coming. The new flexible and transparent technology will surely affect other sectors of electronic industry such as TV sets, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices. Maybe within just few years we will read an e-newspaper displayed on bendable portable screen that after reading can be rolled up just as a regular one? In the ocean of speculations, only one thing is a hard fact: Even if Samsung and LG have announced starting pioneering works on tablets and smartphones using flexible-transparent screen technology, we will have to wait a little to see products using this technology commercially available.

Lg Display

source: OledInfo

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