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LG is about to expand its Android Wear lineup with the round LG G Watch R smartwatch

ByinSmartwatches | August 25, 2014

LG G Watch R.Rumors about the upcoming premiere of a new LG smartwach allegedly planned to take place at IFA in Berlin this September are just one week old, and today, along with the LG’s launching their new smartwatch official video teaser, they become facts. The mentioned rumors were saying that the new watch would be a sequel of the LG G Watch. Nothing more erroneous! The today’s video shows that the company wants to expand its list of offerings by adding to its lineup another brand new smart timepiece. Due to its round face, the new LG G Watch R is said to compete with highly anticipated Moto 360, calling it not round enough.

LG G Watch R “Round Enough” Smartwatch

Rounded LG G WatchBasically, the whole clip is about circles, curves and filling the gaps. But, although it is only an animation, it gives us a pretty good sense of what to expect form the smartwatch’s design. The LG G Watch R (R standing for round) appears to have a perfectly round face, which so far is it biggest advantage. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the tech parameters. The company is mum even about the operating system, there is no hint whether the smartwatch will run Android Wear, but taking into consideration the “G Watch” branding it is hugely probable, don’t you think?

The teaser numerously emphasizing the perfect round form factor hasn’t been made by coincidence. While making the promotional video LG seems to take advantage of the recent disfavor towards the Moto 360 and its small black cutout at the bottom of the display, which was a huge disappointment for all those waiting for ideally round factor screen.

But it should me mentioned that the black cutout resulting in the Moto 360’s semi-round shape isn’t just a design shortcoming, it is there because it houses a display drivers and ambient light sensor. In the case of LG G Watch R the manufacturer managed to achieve the perfectly circle shape because the display drivers can be trickily hidden in the wider that in the Moto 360 bezels. As it comes to the ambient light sensor, we may assume that the LG G Watch R won’t have it.

Going further, the LG G Watch R is said to be a more traditional watch in terms of the external design. Thanks to its round face and metal looking body it looks much like a regular wristwatch. Additionally, the video suggests that the smartwatch will be equipped with a step counter and compass, which gives it even more classic appearance. Frankly speaking,  if LG really wants to challenge the made of steel and leather Moto 360, they have to put all their efforts to make the gadget not only looking good but being premium in terms of specs.

The LG G Watch R is expected to make its big entrance at IFA on September 5th, but it is still pretty uncertain whether it will a public or just LG corporate partners unveiling. What do you think, does the LG G Watch R have any chances to be a real game changer?

source: LG Mobile (You Tube)

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