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LG G6 is coming to MWC with bezel-free design, LG G6 One, G6 C, G6 L, G6 M are on the way too

ByinAnnouncements | February 8, 2017

LG G6 is coming to MWC
The latest trend in the smartphone industry says that bezels are démodé, and should be as minimal as possible. Conscious of that LG is trying to meet this aesthetic demand and designs a bezel-less LG G6. This is at least what the company’s invitation to the MWC show tells us. Scheduled to debut on February 26th, the G6 will come with “Big Screen… That Fits.”

LG sent out invitations to MWC 2017 where will announce its new flagship – LG G6.

Invitation to the LG G6’s Premiere

Although we are still more than two weeks ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2017, LG has already started to slowly drop some hints about its upcoming releases to whet our appetite for the big unveiling. Sent yesterday the official invitation to the conference confirms that the South-Korean company’s next flagship will officially come to the light on February 26th. Taking into consideration the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 debut delay, LG will be the one to steal the show.

LG sends out invitations to the MWC 2017
As usual, the invitation is really mysterious. Except for an image presenting the LG G6’s screen panel and some concept drawings the invitation includes an inscription reading “Big Screen… That Fits”, clearly suggesting that the phone we’re expecting to see in Barcelona will sport minimal bezels.

Leaks and Rumors

Not so long ago, the manufacturer itself revealed that the phablet will also feature a unique “Full Vision” 18:9 ratio display. The display in question will be a massive Quad HD 5.7-inch panel encircled by ridiculously slim bezels. If to believe LG, the G6’s top bezel has been reduced by 20 percent (0.2 mm in width) and by 10 percent on the left and right sides (0.54 mm in width). Although there’s no doubt that the bezel-free design was the part designers put the biggest emphasis on, other specs will surely be equally inspiring.

For some time on the whole net is buzzing with leaks suggesting how the handset may look like, and what hardware it will be packed with. If the rumors turn out to be accurate, the most fervently rumored phone of the last month will come driven by the 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the Qualcomm’s freshest Snapdragon 835 chip which will debut along with the Galaxy S8. In addition, what’s particularly disappointing for some of us, the G6 won’t offer the modular functionality of the G5.

LG’s G6 Line

Although the LG G6 is still waiting for the official premiere, LG has already filled for four additional trademarks: the G6 One, G6 C, G6 L and G6 M. Those familiar with the topic know that these are not the first G6 line trademarks the company filed for. A week ago LG did the same for the G6 Compact, G6 Lite, G6 Hybrid, G6 Prix, G6 Forte, G6 Young, G6 Sense and G6 Fit. There’s no hint so as to what the names stands for. However, monikers like “Lite” and “Young” may suggest that they will be lesser specced, more budget devices. Going this route of interpretation, monikers like “Sense” and “Fit” may be reserved for fitness-oriented devices, whereas trademarks “Compact” and “M” (stands for “Mini”) may point to small-size factor alternatives of the flagship phones.

Pricing, availability and other details are still kind of a mystery. Following weeks should reveal how much the phone may cost, in what color variants it will be accessible, and what markets it will target initially. If everything goes in line with the company’s launching plans, 2017 seems to be the year of LG, or more precisely the year of the G6’s. Let’s hope that the quantity won’t sacrifice the quality.

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