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LG G3 with QHD display and Odin processor may be announced on May 17th

ByinAnnouncements | January 19, 2014

LGThe LG G2 was released last year in September, and since LG launches its flagship phones once a year, it would be logical to expect that the next one will arrive around the same month in 2014. This year, however, we may expect a surprise. According to the latest report from Korean media, the company may release the LG G3 in May, with the day 17th being mention as quite possible.

LG G3 early debut with amazing hardware

LG G2 2013Why four months earlier? Although we cannot be 100% sure, it seems that it has to do with Samsung planning to launch the Galaxy S5 in April. Almost simultaneous release of two high-end smartphones would definitely give customers a lot to think about before deciding which one to choose. The LG G3 would certainly take a great part of attention off the Galaxy S5 and apparently this is what LG is hoping for.

The ongoing competition between these two Korean companies is not a secret. Despite LG’s efforts, last year belonged to Samsung who took the position of the unquestionable leader on the mobile market based on the number of handset sold worldwide. LG believes that the early launch LG G3 may help to make a change in the game.

If the phone lives up to the expectations, chances are high that it will Samsung a hard time. At the moment details are scarce and what little comes to our knowledge is based on speculations and rumors, but anyway, sounds amazing. The LG G3 is expected to come with a 5.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display and a 16-megapixel rear camera. The phone may also be powered by LG’s own Odin processor with four or eight cores.

As the launch dates approaches we are sure to hear more about LG next flagship phone, so stay tuned for more news.

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