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LG G Watch could be the first smartwatch featuring a built-in SIM Card

ByinSmartwatches | June 16, 2014

LG G SmartwatchWith each generation released to the market, smartwatches acquire new features, better specs and consequently become smarter and faster. However, no matter how smart they are, if you want to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities, you need to pair it with your smartphone. At least that is the situation where we are right now now. It may change soon, though, as the upcoming LG G Watch could be the first smartwatch featuring a built-in SIM card.

LG G Watch may arrive with SIM Card inside

LG G WatchLG announced the G Watch in March this year right after Google unveiled a spin-off of Android platform known as Android Wear. LG, however, wasn’t very forthcoming about technical details. For this reason, even though the LG G Watch is officially announced, the whole Internet is steaming with rumors regarding specs and features of the device. The one that keeps coming back in one form or another claims that the watch could arrive with built-in SIM card that will be non-removable.

If the rumor turns out to be true, the upcoming LG G Watch will have much more potential than an average smartwatch. A SIM card would make the device more independent allowing it to function on its own without requiring the support of a smartphone for such activities as for example connecting to the Internet. Cellular connectivity could also indicate that the G Watch is capable of receiving and making phone calls.

Just how exactly it would be done remains a mystery for now. While talking to your wrist may appear cool in a super-secret-agent way, it doesn’t seem like the most comfortable manner to have a conversation, so maybe LG has already come up with a smart solution. Or maybe it’s nothing more than a plain speculation which won’t materialize any time soon.

Either way, a previously unknown version of the LG G Watch sporting model number LG-W105S/K paid a visit to the RRA in Korea, which has the same responsibilities as the FCC in the US. The most exciting detail revealed by the filing includes 3G connectivity, which seems to confirm the rumor regarding built-in SIM card. Users in the US, however, may never be able to test the device as it looks like it may be available only in its home market.

One can only hope that LG is planning international release at some point in the future. We would love to get our hands on a smartwatch with cellular connectivity. Wouldn’t you?

via: 9To5Google

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