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Pick up the square LG G Watch in black or white/gold for $179.99, get $50 off the retail price

ByinSales & Special Offers, Smartwatches | September 1, 2014

LG G Watch BestBuy DealsThe upcoming 2014 IFA trade show event will definitely make a lot of fuss on the smartwatch market with unveiling four more highly-anticipated smart timepieces. Sony will introduce its SmartWatch 3, LG is going to present its G Watch R, not even mention about the Motorola’s Moto 360’s premiere or Asus’s ZenWatch. All of them are probably to run Android Wear, what foreshadows a harsh competition among the most notable mobile manufacturers wanting to get sales. And just right now in answer to the upcoming flood of brand new smartwatches, the retailers, in order to get more space on their shelves, have begun to get rid of old ones. The BestBuy has just started to sell the square LG G Watch for $179.99 with $50 off the retail price.

BestBuy Deal on LG G Watch Smartwatch

LG G watchThe LG G Watch is quite well-working device with decent tech specs, though its unsophisticated design is rather boring. We’ve seen the square form factor and plastic wristband so many times that they simply don’t attract our attention as they did some time ago. And since we wrote about the device at numerous occasions, we won’t review it once again. Those of you interested in learning more about the G Watch, can refer to our previous articles with full parameters specification.

Though the normal price for the LG G Watch shapes around $229 on Google Play and other stores, thanks to BestBuy G Watch Deal we can purchase the smartwatch for only $179.99, including $50 discount. Be sure that there’s no hidden agenda there, the watches are reported to be completely new products, not the refurbished or used ones.

This is definitely a knockdown price, but the offer won’t be available too long, so those of you wanting to wear this gadget on their wrists shouldn’t put off making their decision whether to buy it or not. You can choose between black and white/gold color schemes, since both of them are available via BestBuy.

Sadly, this deal doesn’t refer to in-store shopping, but the plus is that the BestBuy online offer includes free shipping, though you will certainly have to pay sales tax no matter what state you want to ship the product to.

Even if we will soon have opportunity to witness premiere of new smartwatches which will make their big entrance at IFA, the LG G Watch BestBuy offer is still worth thinking over, especially when taking into consideration the fact that the forthcoming LG G Watch R, which is said to cost something round $300, except of course its round body factor is basically almost identical to the G Watch in terms of tech parameters. So, if you think about a smartwatch as a notification-based device supporting your smartphone,  the offer may be proper for you; but if you’re interested in high-tech, luxury-looking smart timepieces, you should rather wait for those scheduled to be showecased in Berlin during this year’s IFA.

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