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LG is aiming to extend its current G and F series; trademarks for the G Flex Frame, G Frame and F Frame names

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 8, 2014

LG G Flex Trademark and patent filings are usually giving us a general hint on the company’s future plans. Obviously, we can be never sure whether these filings will ever transform into an actual products, which is a completely different story, but it surely makes people gossiping. This is exactly what happened when some time ago LG filed trademarks for the names of their flagship devices. And just right now the company gives the world another reason for talking along with its new trademark applications for some new interesting devices.

LG G Flex Frame, G Frame and F Frame – What to expect.

LG FramesToday, we’ve learnt that LG paid a visit to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September 25th in order to get trademarks for their new products. Being more precise, the Korean-based manufacturer has field for three trademarks for its new product’s names, all of them are allegedly connected with smartphones.

The discussed trademarks are the LG G Flex Frame, the G Frame and the F Frame. Sadly, these names don’t tell us exactly what types of devices we may expect. But, the first name sounds like much like the LG G Flex equipped with a unique LG-made curved display, which means that it could turn out to be the successor of the bending-capable LG G Flex. The rest of the devices are something of an enigma.

The LG G Frame may be both: a completely new line of products or simply a variation of the LG G3 flagship. The same with the LG F Frame than can be another mid-range sector offer. Remember that anything is uncertain before being officially announced.

Another thing is that the often highlighted “frame” may suggest that all the three phones may feature an interesting frame, perhaps a metal one, what do you think? Maybe the company wants to follow its biggest rival Samsung, which used such a strategy when they launched their Galaxy Alpha, and the spotted today fervently rumored Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 that are equipped with a metal frame? The phones are likely to be a new smartphone’s family, since all of them carry “Frame” in their names.

Although all these trademark fillings don’t necessary guarantee that all three devices are in the works and that they will eventually hit the market, they give us pretty good indication that LG is planning to extend its G lineup and F series. Time will show if our assumptions are at least half true.

source: MyLG

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