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LG revealed roadmap detailing the future of its bendable, rollable and foldable phones

ByinAnnouncements | November 10, 2014

LG bendable displayHave you ever wondered whether there is a limit to innovation? Is there a certain point in technological development beyond which nothing new can be invented? Looking at how creative smartphone makers can be, the answer to both questions seems to be “no”. Each generation of phones, tablets, watches or other smart gadgets brings something you wouldn’t even dream was possible, for example flexible displays. Among the leaders in this field is LG – the Korean company revealed roadmap detailing the future of its bendable, rollable and foldable phones.

LG first bendable phones coming in 2015; foldable and rollable in 2017

LG future phones and devicesIt’s not LG’s first attempt at flexible display technology. Last year the company launched the G Flex smartphone, which actually isn’t flexible in a way that you can fold it, but it’s not flat either – the phone has a unique curved display. LG didn’t stop there, though. The company is exploring the idea further and apparently has a very precise plan on how to approach the subject.

If everything goes as planned, we could be using bendable phones as early as next year. It will be possible thanks to new display technology, namely Plastic OLED. The P-OLED screen was first used in the LG G Watch R smartwatch and so far it looks like it has many benefits. Compared to tradition LCD screens, P-OLED panels are thinner and lighter but at the same time more durable. LG will be using these display also in tablets. The next big step is planned for 2017 – LG wants to make the screen foldable and rollable. Such displays will be used in notebooks, tablets, TVs and navigation systems for the automotive market.

LG is not the only company exploring the idea of flexible display. Last year Samsung released the Galaxy Round with curved screen and in September this year the company launched the Galaxy Note Edge with display that extends to the right side of the phone. Kyocera went a step further and is working on a phone that can bend into a bracelet-like shape and can double as smartwatch. The prototype called Proteus was showcased at CEATEC trade show in Japan. It’s just a matter of time until we use foldable smartphones, the only question is which company will be the first to release such a handset.

more info: LG Display Newsroom

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