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Lenovo unveils Vibe X2 Pro, an aluminum beauty designed for selfie lovers

ByinAnnouncements | January 7, 2015

Lenovo Vibe X2 ProYou may associate Lenovo mostly with PCs and laptops, but the company also makes phones, and pretty good ones actually. Last year Lenovo released the Vibe X2, and now at Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the Chinese manufacturer is back with a follow-up. Called Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, the phone in simply words is an aluminum beauty designed for selfie lovers.

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro smartphone with great quality front camera

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro FlashAt first glance, there seems to be nothing special about the Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro – a typical rectangular, rather large device that reminds you of any other higher-end smartphone you have seen so far. But wait until you hold it.

When most smartphones are made of plastic, for cost-saving reasons, the ones that use different type of material for the casing can give you thrills. The Vibe X2 Pro belongs to this team. Made of aluminum, the handset has smooth, flat back, angled edges and slim profile of just 6.95 mm.

With a few exceptions including Nokia phones and the iPhone 5C, most smartphones are plain black, white or grey devices with a different color occasionally popping up here and there. Lenovo decided to break this monotony with three-color layered edges. While the color of the sides probably won’t be a decisive factor when you look for your new phone, you have to admit that the Vibe X2 Pro with its unusual color scheme does look kind of cool.

The original Lenovo Vibe X2 didn’t bring any cutting-edge technology to the table, and neither does the new model, but make no mistake – the Vibe X2 Pro is not only a pleasure to look at, but it also offers a few neat tricks to offer. To begin with, the Vibe X2’s successor would be a perfect choice for selfie enthusiasts.

The front-facing camera has a 13-megapixel sensor which means that your photos will be of great quality. Moreover, the device can be paired with a VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash, which is a pocket-sized flash that plugs into the audio jack that can take up to 100 shots at a time with its rechargeable battery. The accessory uses 8 diffused LEDs to provide the best light conditions for your selfies. Of course, the phone has a rear camera as well which also snaps photos at 13 megapixels.

Other components put the Vibe X2 Pro somewhere in between high-end and mid-range league. The handset sports a large 5.3-inch IPS screen offering a respectable Full HD resolution, but the 64-bit, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor is nothing to write home about. The device comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in memory and is powered by a 2410mAh battery. Connectivity features are pretty standard for a smartphone of such class and include Bluetooth 4.1 LE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, EDGE, HSPA+, and LTE. The Vibe X2 Pro currently runs Android 4.4 KitKat but hopefully will receive 5.0 Lollipop update soon.

The Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro will go on sale in April but at this point we don’t know how much it will cost. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that the phone will ever make it to markets other than China. If it did, however, we wonder whether you would consider buying it.

source: Lenovo

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