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Lenovo smartglasses concept just got patented to compete with Google Glass

ByinSmartglasses | June 25, 2014

Lenovo Smartglasses PatentIt goes without saying that the idea Google had for its Glass has a lot of potential when approached the right way so it’s only natural that other companies would like to give it a twist too. There was never any doubt that Google won’t be the only one exploring the vast waters of wearable devices. The only question was how soon others will follow and who will be next. The answer is now and it’s Lenovo. The company’s smartglasses concept has just got patented to compete with Google Glass.

Lenovo Smartglasses Concept

Lenovo Glasses ConceptIn its essence the idea behind Lenovo’s glasses is very similar to the Google Glass in that it builds around an interactive headset with displays and microphones that allow for wireless communication. In order to avoid any legal problems, however, Lenovo was careful not to use the word “wearable” and “glasses.” Instead, the company filed a basic patent for an “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.” For the very same reason the product description focuses mostly on recording capabilities of the device.

Drawings of Lenovo’s smartglasses reveal a device that strikingly resembles the Google Glass, but still is different in a few aspects. The headset has dual VOD screens, touch-based navigation and two bone conduction microphones. The advantage of such approach over traditional noise-canceling microphones would be that it sits so close to user’s face, or nose to be more exact, that background noises don’t interfere with the user’s voice. That would allow, at least in theory, for more private conversations as the user would be able to speak more quietly. No other details, such as operating system or RAM have been mentioned in the patent.

Lenovo isn’t exactly a household name in the US when it comes to electronic devices. In fact, except for ThinkPads, the brand is basically unknown on our market. The Chinese company is, however, one of the most active and the smartglasses are obviously another step in its expansion. The sole fact of filing for patent doesn’t mean that the technology will ever be used for commercial purposes. If it will, though, we will be looking at a potential game changer as Google most likely will feel the urge to respond.

source: TechCrunch

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