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Lenovo K80 smartphone debuts in China equipped with 4GB RAM, 1.8GHz 64-bit Intel Atom CPU, 64GB memory and 4,000 mAh battery

ByinAnnouncements | April 25, 2015

Lenovo K 80Competition never sleeps. The company that happens to bring smartphone specs to a new level can enjoy a lot of attention for a while, but it’s obvious that the phone won’t be the only device with this particular set of specs forever. The Asus ZenFone 2, the world’s first smartphone with 4GB of RAM certainly wasn’t. It was followed by the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and now Lenovo also joined in the fun. The Lenovo K80 smartphone has just debuted in China equipped with, among others, 4GB of RAM and a 4000mAh battery.

Lenovo K80 Android smartphone with 4GB RAM on board

Lenovo K 80 FrontWhat’s so exciting about those 4GB of RAM? The main advantage of a phone with such copious amount of RAM is that it can handle some serious multitasking without major hiccups. Battery probably doesn’t need any explaining. Smartphones are pretty power-consuming devices so the larger the battery the more usage time you will get on one charge. Since most users don’t let their phones rest even for a moment, every extra hour of battery life counts.

The Lenovo K80 is not only about RAM and battery, though. The rest of the specs are very decent too. The phone boasts a 5.5-inch 1080p display, and is powered by a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor. The chip has 64-bit architecture to play nicely with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Other features include 64GB of internal memory, LTE connectivity and a 13-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization. The handset measures 8.5mm in thickness and comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, and red.

The Lenovo K80 will go on sale in China on April 30th and will be priced at 1,799 CNY, that would be about $290. Lenovo is also planning to launch a more modest and consequently cheaper variant of the K80. The phone will sport 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and will cost 1,499 CNY, or approximately $240. At the moment it’s not clear when, if ever, the Lenovo K80 will be available outside of China. The manufacturer didn’t say a word about possible international launch, but maybe they want to surprise their customers.

source: CNMO

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2 Responses to “Lenovo K80 smartphone debuts in China equipped with 4GB RAM, 1.8GHz 64-bit Intel Atom CPU, 64GB memory and 4,000 mAh battery”

  1. Arthur mark leon on April 27, 2015 @ 3:29 pm

    My quistion; If i bought a new or used phone would i still be able to walk in any walgreens and purchase a 40 dollor pay card and load it up and . And my other quistion is what kind of phone can you load up .

    • You will need to buy an unlocked phone, that is compatible with any GSM SIM card. What prepaid service provider are you planning to use the phone with?

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