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Lenovo A540 All-in-One Display goes official

ByinAll-in-one Computers | April 19, 2014

Lenovo A540All-in-one desktops are a perfect way of bringing powerful user experience, performance and entertainment into limited space on your desk. They are placed somewhere between regular desktop computers, laptops and tablets, taking all the best from each category and mixing it into one functional and aesthetic device. Lenovo has been known for making more than decent all-in-one computers and its latest AiO A540 which has just gone official, is no different. The device is scheduled to arrive in July and will cost $1,279 for the most basic model.

Lenovo A540 All-in-One Display Computer

Lenovo A540 AIO ComputerThe Lenovo A540 All-in-One Display is a pretty neat offering encased in an aluminum frame which makes it look professional and stylish. The screen uses IPS technology, measures 23 inches diagonally and offers Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also has a slim profile with just 4 mm in thickness at the edges. The display sits on an aluminum stand which has two hinges thanks to which you can adjust the position of the display and tilt it anywhere between -5 degrees to 90 degrees.

This functionality has key significance. The A540 display supports 10-finger touch input thanks to the fact that it is running on Windows 8.1. Not being able to tilt the display backwards would certainly make operating the device with your hands less comfortable. The A540 also features support for 12 gestures through Lenovo Motion Control which lets you perform functions like volume control and video playback using motion gestures.

The new AiO desktop will be available in several configurations, for example up to a NVIDIA GeForce GT 840A, and Intel 4th-gen processors that go up to Core i7. The A540 is equipped with JBL speakers with Dolby Home Theatre and an optional TV Tuner, which can easily replace a regular TV set. The AiO A540 also offers NFC for quick and easy transfer of files.

The device also comes with all-aluminum enclosure keyboard and a mouse.

source: PC World

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