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Leaked images present the LG G4 featuring subtle curved design

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 11, 2015

LG G4The LG G4 is scheduled to debut sometime in May. No wonder then that the highly awaited flagship has already become the subject of numerous leaks and speculations. Over the last few months we discussed few rumors concerning the handset’s design and hardware which is expected to be radically different from the LG G3. Today, thanks to the leaked images we’ve gotten the opportunity to take a very first look on the LG G4. What’s more interesting presented on the unofficial press renders the phone appears to feature a slightly curved design.

LG G4 to feature a slightly curved design.

LG G4 LeakedSaid to measure 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9 mm, the body of the LG G4 comes with a curved display, which may be one of main best-selling points of the phone. But it is a very subtle curve, not as aggressive as we can find in the LG G Flex 2 unveiled during Consumer Electronic Show 2015. This delicate curved form factor presented on the renders seems to be the one that debuted along with the new series of mid-range smartphones like LG Magna or Spirit which were introduced last week at Mobile World Congress.

Since the mentioned phones will be equipped with LCD screens should we expect the same technology from the upcoming LG G4? Or perhaps it may debut sporting not a plastic-based OLED QHD display like the more aggressively curved LG G Flex 2? Another question is whether these slightly curved edges of the screen represent at least some of the functionality that we can get from the Galaxy S6 Edge?

Though, at this point, we can only speculate when it comes to the LG G4 hardware, it is more than likely to arrive powered by the latest Snapdragon 810 chipset and sport the well-known from the LG G3 volume button design located on the back and single speaker placement. Other than that the phone should come equipped with a fingerprint scanner, laser focus and dual-LED flash as its predecessor.

Naturally, the leaked images we brought to your attention aren’t nothing more than just unofficial early renders of the phone, which means that pretty much every aspect regarding the LG G4 design is a subject to change. In other words, the flagship will get official in two months and may differ significantly from what we see today.

source: OnLeaks (Twitter)

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