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Leak reveals that iPhone 5C may stands for the upcoming cheap iPhone

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 31, 2013

iPhone 5C GreenSuggestions, speculations, predictions make the world spin. They bring hope, as they are educated hunches based on putting pieces together. Visual aids are what make these hypotheses all the more credible, seeing is believing. Rumors have touched on the topic of Apple’s new cheap iPhone Lite to possible be named the iPhone 5C. iLounge recently suggested that the device would be called the iPhone 5C with a premise of the “C” standing for “color” of shells. The device’s potential shells were also leaked a while ago by WeiPhone in yellow, red, and green options. Another speculation is that the “C” could stand for ‘cheap’ in respect to the handset arriving as Apple’s budget phone. It has yet to be determined but alleged photos do reveal that the iPhone 5C packaging has undergone manufacturing.

Apple iPhone 5C – What we know about it…

iPhone 5C BoxesWeiPhone forums have leaked a very descriptive image that provides possible answers to previous leaks. The photo answers to what will be the name for the handset? What will the packaging look like? What dimensions will Apple’s budget phone have? They leaked a bin full of plastic/polycarbonate packaging, with “iPhone 5C” stamped on it in a thinned iPhone font on the sides. Seemingly credible, as the Apple symbol trademark is featured on the new white plastic casing as well. Putting sources together WeiPhone has contributed a lot to the presentation of Apple’s upcoming affordable model. They shared images of the color shells, and now images of the plastic casing. Can we rely on them to leak the actual premier of the handset as well?

If they do, then bravo! But WeiPhone forums do reveal one last piece of information that sets the imagination in motion. The tipster who posted the photo mentions that the box is about 7-8 cm (2.75 – 3.15 thick). This is similar to the thickness of the iPod Touch packaging. So it’s quite possible Apple’s budget handset will share a few more dimensions with the popular iPod Touch. Here are the specifications for the iPod Touch that may compare evenly with the iPhone 5C: width is 2.31 inches, and depth is 0.24 inches. As for height and weight you can never be too sure, but height is at 4.86 inches, and weight is at 3.04. While we are making assumptions, going back to the question of what does the C stand for? Assuming that the “C” may stand for ‘color’ we can cross our fingers and hope for newer themes to be revealed as there is always a new leak somewhere.

source: iLounge / WeiPhone

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