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Leagoo S9 is an iPhone X clone running Android for under $300

ByinAnnouncements | June 14, 2019

Leagoo S9 is an iPhone X clone running Android for under $300

The iPhone X may set the standards for the next generations of iPhones, but it’s price sticker of $1,000 is more than majority of mobile enthusiasts can afford. If the iPhone X’s is too expensive for you and you don’t mind Android software, the Leagoo S9 could be a solution here. The phone offers decent specs and speaks the same design language as its premium prototype, including the infamous top notches. It will debut soon at the fraction of the iPhone X’s price.

Leagoo unveiled the S9

Leagoo S9 is the phone that looks identical to the iPhone X, works on Android platform and cost less than $300.

Leagoo isn’t surely a first name that pops into your mind when thinking about mobile brands. However, this China-based company is making its way to the global market by releasing far cheaper alternatives to the most premium flagships. The Leagoo devices usually cost several hundred bucks and offer exactly the same look as the device they copy. However, since nothing comes for free cheaper price tag means hardware cuts.

Similarities to iPhone X

Recently leaked photos of the company newest device present a phone that is a spitting image of the popular iPhone X. The Leagoo S9 has the same Wi-Fi signal strength and battery indicators located on the top right. When you turn the device around, you will see the iPhone X’s vertical arrangement of rear cameras. The likeness between these two models continues with the materials its body shell is made of. Just as the iPhone X, the Leagoo S9 is built of glass and aluminum, giving the device extremely premium feel and look.

Why it is not identical to the iPhone X?

The differences start with the fingerprint scanner location. Apple set the sensor on the front, while the Leagoo S9 comes with rear-mounted fingerprint reader. The same with volume button which has been set on the right instead on the left. Interestingly, even though the buttons’ arrangement is completely different, they of the same size. Finally, the Leagoo S9 bottom bezels are also slightly thicker than those on the iPhone X.


The phone is undoubtedly an impressive-looking clone of the iPhone X, but the illusion breaks apart when you take a close-up at its specs. The Leagoo S9 runs Android, houses a 5.85-inch AMOLED screen panel, and is powered by a MediaTek’s mid-tier P40 processor competing with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 670. The amount of RAM and ROM amounts to 6GB and 128GB respectively. Meanwhile, the iPhone X hides the ultrafast A11 Bionic processor coupled with 3GB RAM. Speaking of optics, they are represented by a pair of 16MP rear cameras.

Perhaps the Leagoo S9 isn’t the greatest device you can buy for the money. But taking into account its price tag of sub-$300, it’s an extremely tempting alternative for all those of us who fell in love with the iPhone X’s style but don’t want to pay the Apple’s premium pricing.


The phone will soon launch in China. When it comes to the international availability, Leagoo hasn’t confirmed yet if the S9 is scheduled to spread outside Asia. Assuming that the device eventually hits the States, will you be potentially interested in getting one on your own?

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