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Kyocera Proteus is a concept of a phone that can bend into a bracelet-like shape

ByinLeaks & Rumors | November 4, 2014

Kyocera ProteusWe’ve already seen flexible displays made by the leading manufacturers Samsung and LG but it doesn’t mean that other mobile manufacturers gave up ambitions to compete in this innovative sector. Just now Kyocera, known from its super durable rugged phones, announced joining the race to deliver a truly bendable phone to the world. At this year’s CEATEC, the Japanese company has showcased the prototype version of the Kyocera Proteus. Due to its bending into a bracelet-like shape screen, the innovative gadget combines features of a regular smartphone with functions of a smartwatch.

Kyocera Proteus smartphone that can metamorphose into a smartwatch

Kyocera Proteus concept.Kyocera, recently most notable on the display market due to their Sapphire Shield, is presenting their very own approach to flexible displays. The manufacturer’s product goes even further than other flexible screen featuring some completely new design solutions.

The Kyocera Proteus (the nickname means an ancient Greek shape-shifting sea god, which pretty clearly suggests what to except from a device carrying such a name) is reported to be capable of being arranged in three different body configuration. The first form is pretty casual with the Proteus taking the shape of a flat and solid phone to be easily held in your palm.

Second form is the bracelet-like shape that metamorphose the smartphone into a smartwatch, definitely a very wide one. Additionally, the phone rear side of the phone located against the phone’s future user skin will house a package of health and fitness biometric sensors such as heart rate monitor and others measuring the user’s biological information. All these would make the device a perfect workout companion.

The third form is called the “clip style” that allows the users to wrap the Proteus around circular bars and rails. So, the future user’s can for example clip the phone to their bicycle handle bar making it something of a bike computer that allows to check all necessary information without the need to move hands. So, as you may see the exact use of this flexible gadget is up to you and your creative imagination.

Obviously at this point we can’t speak of a final product. The Kyocera Proteus is still in a testing phase. The product unveiled at the trade show is just a prototype version. So putting the concept into an authentic device requires the company to develop several tech aspects of the gadget. The first issue Kyocera has to work on is the Proteus’s display. Using AMOLED screen is the most probable choice in this case, but the company has bold ambitions to make the bendable screen have no bezels but to feature a physical keypad that occurs and disappears on the user’s demand.

Another problem the company is facing, is the gadget’s battery, which has to be a mix of a power and appropriate shape. Two options are being taken into consideration here. Kyocera may apply both a flexible battery or segmented batteries. There is also a more advanced and simultaneously highly exotic solution that the manufacturer may take into account, the piezoelectric generators using kinetic energy to power the phone.

Time will verify whether this prototype device will be available as a mass market product or whether it will rust on the shelve of the unfulfilled projects. Until that time the Kyocera Proteus remains nothing else but an tech geek dream, but still a dream worth dreaming of.

source: DisplayCentral

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