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Kyocera is currently developing a smartphone with durable sapphire display

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 21, 2014

Kyocera saphire glassIf you have ever owned a smartphone then you known how delicate that thing is. Put it in a pocket together with your keys and there is a good chance that the display will bear a nasty scar for the rest of its life. That’s the reason why manufacturers are constantly working on new ways to protect the screen. Kyocera is the world’s leader when it comes to rugged phones and according to the latest leaks, the company is currently developing a smartphone with a sapphire display, which will be even more durable than Gorilla Glass.

We have met already a Sapphire Glass in smartphones…

Saphire GlassSapphire glass in smartphones is not an entirely new idea. Apple used it in the iPhone 5S’ home button and camera glass, but that’s about it. As far as the displays are concerned, Corning’s Gorilla Glass is pretty much a standard nowadays as it is resistant to scrapes and scratches, lightweight and relatively cheap. For Kyocera, however, it’s not durable enough and that’s why the company is experimenting with sapphire.

A leaked video shows how a regular display (most likely Corning’s) behaves in extreme circumstance as compared to sapphire. To test the properties of both displays they underwent severe abuse, from dropping on a rough surface to scratching with a stone. The results don’t require any comments – sapphire survived like a boss, while the other screen’s condition left a lot to be desired.

After seeing the results we may be tempted to draw a conclusion that sapphire is a perfect fit for smartphone screens, but there are a few obstacles that may stand in the way of using it on a large scale. Sapphire is more expensive than Gorilla Glass and it is also heavier and apparently more harmful to the environment.

At the moment it’s not clear when and if a sapphire screen will be used in the next company’s smartphone. The video allegedly comes from an inside source, but Kyocera didn’t offer any comments that would either confirm or deny the authenticity of the video. Heavy-duty devices are Kyocera’s trademark so it certainly makes sense that the company would explore the possibility of using sapphire glass for its smartphones. The question is, whether it will be willing to sacrifice low price for more durable screen.

source: CNET

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