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Amazon announces Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition, could be the best tablet for your minions

ByinTablets | September 19, 2014

Amazon Fire HD Kids EditionWe all know that kids love every gadget that features touch screen. Why? Well, maybe because of the direct interaction with things displayed on the screen that is easy to handle with. Additionally, games are also a great fun. All these explain why electronic manufacturers want to have a kid-friendly tablet in their offer. But in most cases the fact that tablets are dedicated to children means not only low price but also less than acceptable tech specs and odd UI. Perhaps the announced today Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition could change the way manufacturers approach to the issue of kid-focused tablets and could be the best tablet for your kids.

Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Android Tablet

Kindle Fire HD Kids EditionSince Amazon has spent few years working on both large content library and parental control function in their Fire operating system software, we now be able to get a tablet that is a perfect combination of low price and decent specs that will definitely satisfy kids’ tastes and simultaneously gives us the certainty that our work e-mail is safe and out of the kids’ access, isn’t it a great bonus?

Moving on to the specs list, the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition has the same tech parameters as its standard version, which means that it comes with 6-inch or 7-inch display, two cameras, Dolby Digital Audio system and a quad core processor. So, its specs are good enough to be used by anyone not only children.

One of the main advantages of this kid-focused slate is that it runs the Amazon-made version of Android instead of weird allegedly child-focused OS, which means that we have access to massive amount of apps and games. Additionally, Amazon give their customers one year of “FreeTime Unlimited”, the special service that delivers over five thousands kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, games and educational apps, all available for free for the whole year.

Worry about the child’s access to improper content or unlimited use of the tablet? Don’t have to, since Amazon is boasting around about their best in class parental control. Thanks to the Fire Os 4.0 Profiles you can easily and quickly switch between your and your kid profiles. When you are in the parental mode you can for example determine time limits. So, your child can read all day long but play games only for few hours and never past, let’s say, 7 PM. This is the more advanced parental control that we can find in any other platforms.

Furthermore, the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition goes on sale in special big rubber case that doesn’t only protect the slate but also makes it easier to hold for small children. Additionally, Amazon gives two year worry-free guarantee, which means that no matter what happens to the tablet they will send you a new one without asking questions.

If you want to give the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition as a gift to your son or daughter, you will have to pay $149 for the 6-inch variant or $189 for the 7-ich one, which means that you will have to pay $50 premium over the standard version of the tablet, but the Kids Edition is definitely worth it since you will get the no-question-asked guarantee and free access to “FreeTime Unlimited”. The slate is available in the variety of color schemes. Pre-orders started already, but your children will have to arm themselves with patience since shipping is scheduled to start no sooner than on October 21st.

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  1. Amazon debuts 7" tablet priced at $49.99 and Kids Edition for $99.99

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