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Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge worth its price? Think twice before you buy any phone for $800

ByinTips & Guides | March 17, 2016

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Not even a month has passed since the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was announced and reviewers are praising it to the skies. It goes without saying that the phone is beautiful,  powerful and, as expected of a device of its class, insanely expensive. But is Samsung’s contribution to its Galaxy S family really worth its price? It actually might not be. That said, it’s probably a great idea to think twice before you buy any phone for $800.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - beautiful and powerful smartphone

Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge paint a picture of a near-perfect phone. However, before you spend your hard-earned money on a super-expensive phone, you might want to know a couple facts.

TouchWiz needs some polishing

With the exception of Nexus phones and a handful of other models, all devices come with heavily modified Android and so does the Galaxy S7 Edge. Some reviews claim that the latest version of TouchWiz has been reduced compared to previous iterations, but it doesn’t appear so. The phone still comes with a load of bloatware which takes up valuable memory leaving users with about two thirds of the storage space the device is supposed to offer. The vast majority of these apps can’t be uninstalled but only disabled so even if they don’t open, they still take up room.

Moreover, users are reporting that the Galaxy S7 Edge is frequently freezing, especially when playing YouTube video. The phone also seems to experience problems with auto rotation when on YouTube and every now and then the screen goes black. It’s obviously some sort of a software issue, so apparently, the latest version of TouchWiz is not perfect.

Galaxy S7 Edge versus other phones

Compared to other smartphones, the Galaxy S7 Edge looks like a winner when you take into account only the numbers. Newsflash folks, numbers can lie. For instance, the S7 Edge sports the Snapdragon 820 processor which is Qualcomm’s latest and fastest chip. It’s only on paper, though. What really counts is how the phone responds in real life and when you compare the S7 Edge side by side with the Galaxy Note 5 or the iPhone 6S Plus, there seems to be no difference in speed whatsoever.

Battery life is not overly impressive

Samsung made a big deal of emphasizing that the S7 Edge has a bigger battery. Indeed it does, but battery life certainly won’t take your breath away. Compared to the Galaxy S6 Edge, which offered extremely disappointing battery life, this year’s model is a noticeable improvement, but still nothing to brag about. The phone will give you about a day of usage on a single charge which is what most smartphones these days are capable of. In our opinion a 2016 flagship should be able to provide between a day and a half and two days of usage time and the Galaxy S7 Edge is a far cry from that.

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge worth the price?

Camera is as good as it was last year

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had an awesome camera and Samsung claims that S7 Edge shooters are even better. They might be in numbers, but when you snap a photo, it looks exactly the same as it did on last year’s model. Maybe if you developed the photo in a poster format you might notice something, but if you are taking photos mainly for social media purposes, you won’t see any difference no matter how proud of camera improvements Samsung is.

Edges can be irritating at times

What makes the Galaxy S7 Edge different from other phones on the market is that the screen extends to the edges. This additional functionality was supposed to make life easier but it ended up being pretty annoying. How? When you accidentally touch the edge, it will prompt the phone to respond in a certain manner, for example by opening apps. It might not be a problem for people with huge hands, but let’s face it, not every smartphone user is a giant. Those of us who have average-sized hands may find such unwanted reactions pretty irritating.

Don’t get us wrong, by no means we are trying to discourage you from buying the Galaxy S7 Edge. It is an excellent device – beautifully designed, powerful and packed to the fullest with great specs. We are merely trying to convince you not to act on an impulse and buy an extremely expensive phone based on a couple of reviews published a few days after the phone has been announced. Wait a few weeks for more objective reviews as they may report some problems which will become evident only after the device was used for a longer time. Moreover, if you can hold on for a few months, you will be able to buy the same phone at a much lower price, since Android devices depreciate pretty fast.

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