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Best Buy offers the iPhone 6 for $1 on contract if you trade in an old iPhone 5

ByinSales & Special Offers | June 10, 2015

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6
While many manufacturers typically start discounting their new phones a few months or even weeks after the launch, Apple is rather reluctant to offer generous deals on its smartphones. That’s why we are grateful for any promotion that allows to grab an iPhone at a cheaper price. If you are in the market for a new iPhone, Best Buy has a pretty good promotion for you right now. The retailer offers the iPhone 6 for $1 on contract if you trade in your old iPhone 5.

Deal on Apple iPhone 6 for $1 plus $25 Gift Card

iPhone 6If your iPhone 5 is gathering dust somewhere in the corner of a drawer, you might want to dig it up and bring it to Best Buy store. In return you can get a brand new iPhone 6 for just $1 as long as you sign a two-year contract with Verizon or Sprint. It’s quite a lot of savings, especially since a new iPhone 6 typically costs $199 on contract. You should remember a few things, though. Best Buy offers only the 16GB version as a part of the promotion, so models with more storage are off limits. Of course, the phone you are trading in must be in a working condition. The deal expires on June 20th.

The promotion follows the increase in the iPhone trade-in value by $15 announced by Apple last week. Even though the manufacturer will now give you higher credit for trading in your old iPhone, you won’t be able to get more than $100 and that is only if you trade in the iPhone 5. Since the iPhone 6 is a pretty expensive device, you will still need to fork out $99 if you opt for Apple’s program. Best Buy asks only $1 – you can see the difference.

Moreover, Best Buy is giving out $25 gift certificates with any smartphone you purchase and that includes the iPhone 6. In other words, not only you can get Apple’s latest smartphone basically for free, but you will also receive $25 gift card which you could use for example to buy some accessories for your new phone.

The fact that iPhones are one of the less often discounted devices may have something to do with the prestige of the manufacturer. The brand is often regarded as a synonym of quality and Apple knows perfectly well that users who have more refined taste and thick wallets will pay any price for quality. As a result, we don’t see too many promotions on iPhones, at least compared to other leading brands. Even more so, the latest deal offered by Best Buy seems like a tempting deal.

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