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iPhone 6 concept with a big 4.8-inch display and a clickable touchpad

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 6, 2013

iPhone 6 ConceptiPhone 6 is far from launching, with the date set probably to 2014, but that does not stop iPhone fans from being creative. Thoughts on the new iPhone model materialized themselves in the form of a concept created by Steve Hemmerstoffer of nowhereelse.fr and talented designer Martin Hajek. And let’s admit, if this is how the iPhone 6 is going to look like, it certainly will be an eye catcher.

iPhone 6 concept sports big screen, ditches home button, looks amazing…

iPhone 6 WhiteThe concept shows the iPhone 6 with a big 4.8-inch display, which is based on the rumor that Apple has a larger device up its sleeves. The handset is also pictured without a physical home button, something that has been Apple’s trademark and appeared on every single iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The idea of ditching the home button and replacing it with a touchpad-like, wide button that is also sensitive to touch is to free up more space for the screen but we find it hard to believe that Apple would actually do something like this.

The authors of the concept let run their imagination wild and showed the phone with screen bigger that ever before yet being almost the size of the iPhone 5. How is it possible? It is simple – thanks to almost nonexistent bezels around the display. While the idea is exciting, there are little chances of the actual iPhone 6 coming with edge-to-edge display, but one can dream.

source: NoWhereElse

More images of the iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6White iPhone 6iPhone 6 Black

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