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Huawei Watch Android Wear premium smartwatch pre-sale begins today, here’s where to buy it

ByinSmartwatches | September 2, 2015

Huawei Watch Silver
After stealing the MWC 2015 show the long-awaited Huawei Watch somehow sank into the ground keeping its premiere date, availability and pricing details in secret for months. Right now, the desired by millions, the Huawei Watch has been finally announced and available for purchase from day one for a price starting at $349. Open for pre-order today, the watch is scheduled to ship in two weeks. If you plan to get one for yourself, here’s where to buy it.

Huawei Watch Premium Smartwatch is now open for pre-order

Huawei Watch
Designed primary as a fashionable gadget, the Huawei Watch stands out of the smartwatch crowd well damn significantly. Being a truly premium piece of craftsmanship the wearable comes closed in a cold-forged 316L stainless steel body and a double sapphire coating variant for an extra protection and offers elegant styling and multiplicity of customization options.

Online stores like Amazon, Google Play, BestBuy and GetHuawei.com currently offer the Huawei Watch nationwide in six models that differ in style and price, which ranges from $349 to $799. No matter how whooping the price may seem it’s still quite competitive as for such a sophisticated high-end watch, especially when you compare it with reaching the $1,100 price level Black Space Stainless Steel face and link bracelet Apple Watch edition (not even to mention worth $10,000 the gold edition of Apple Watch).

Starting from the less expensive variant, the Huawei Watch with Stainless Steel face and Black Leather strap costs $349, whereas the Stainless Steel face and Steel Link band and Stainless Steel face with Steel Mesh band are labeled with a price tag of $399. Moving on, the Black Steel face will Black Link band goes for $449, and if you already fell in love with models with Rose Gold face and Alligator-pressed Brown Leather band or Rose Gold face and Rose Gold Link band you will have to prepare to spend $699 or $799, respectively.

Don’t forget that the Huawei Watch isn’t just a looker since it sports one of the best circular displays available on the smartwatch market. Frankly speaking, it will be hard to find a better screen that the 1.4-inch AMOLED 400x400p display with 286 ppi of pixel density found on the Huawei Watch. Furthermore, running the latest 1.3 version of Android Wear the gadget is powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor and offers a package of various sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, hear rate sensor and barometer that come along with Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s more, said to last even up to 2 days the Huawei Watch’s 300mAh battery chargers up to 80% in just 45 minutes.

Pre-ordered devices will start US shipping on September 17, which is exactly when the watch will begin its in-store sale, but Canada should wait until the end of the month to enjoy wearing the Huawei Watch. Later this month the device is scheduled to spread to European markets including Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

source: Huawei

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