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Huawei Ascend P8 rumored to feature ceramic frame, Duo camera and fingerprint sensor

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 4, 2015

HuaweiLast year Huawei won the hearts of thousands of folks across the world with the Ascend P7 – a slim, durable and well equipped smartphone. Even though the device is still more than capable of delivering excellent performance, it’s almost a year old so it’s time for an improved version to bring joy to smart technology enthusiasts. Known as Huawei Ascend P8, the handset is rumored to feature a ceramic frame as well as duo camera and fingerprint sensor.

Huawei Ascend P8 – New Features

Ascend P7 A while ago all phones were made of plastic – a cheap and pretty durable material. Then someone had an idea to use metal for the body and soon it became a synonym for premium quality. Can you get any more premium than that? Apparently, Huawei believes it’s possible.

According to the latest report, the Chinese company is exploring new options for the Ascend P8 case and might be considering zirconia ceramics. Not only that, but third gen Gorilla Glass could be used for both the display and back panel. Last year’s Ascend P7 was incredibly thin for a smartphone, however, the upcoming P8 might be even thinner. The phone is rumored to measure just 0.24 inches (6 mm) in thickness – 0.5 mm less than its predecessor.

Slim profile and top-shelf materials are always a big plus; however, for most users hardware is what matters most. It seems that in this respect the P8 is going to rock as well. The phone supposedly will pack duo camera, possibly with 13-megapixel sensors on both back and front, a fingerprint scanner and allegedly Huawei’s own Kirin 930 octa-core processor. The screen might grow to 5.2 inches (the P7 display measures 5 inches) and will keep Full HD resolution.

The Ascend P8 is expected to be announced at a special event in London in April, however, we may not have to wait that long to learn more about the device. In one month MWC begins and it would a great opportunity for Huawei to showcase the handset. There is no official word on price just yet, but word on the street is that the phone might cost ¥2,999 or about $480 in China. Other markets will likely see a higher price tag.

source: MyDrivers

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