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HTC One SV may be coming to Sprint soon

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 21, 2013

Sprint StoreIf you are a Sprint subscriber and a HTC enthusiast, we may have some good news for you. It looks like the HTC One SV may be coming to Sprint soon. A set of documents encountered on the Federal Communications Commission website confirming that a HTC device with model number PL80110 was just approved by FCC, which would suggest a new addition to Sprint’s smartphones lineup.

HTC One SV for Sprint – What do we know

HTC One SV BlackThere is a certain degree of uncertainty, though. There is no photo accompanying the documents and the device is not referred to by its name, but the model number which is very similar to the model number of HTC One SV for Cricket Wireless, which is PL80120. Since HTC is famous for being very meticulous about its model numbers, we can assume that indeed we are dealing with the One SV. Additionally, the PL80110 approved today supports CDMA and LTE spectrum used only by Sprint.

One piece of the puzzle that does not fit is the physical dimensions do not match with the Cricket One SV. Even more surprising is the fact that the handset is referred to as a Windows Phone on one page of the FCC document. As far as we know, neither Sprint nor HTC have announced a new variant of the One SV. Nor HTC has not announced any new Windows phones for any US carrier, so this could be a simple mistake. Or this could mean something entirely different. Anyway, we will keep you posted.

source: Phone Scoop

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