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HTC may announce its next flagship on January, HTC X10 leaks

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 22, 2016

HTC releases a mysterious announcement
Bored with the never-ending flood of holiday sales news? HTC disturbs the festive season lull, and sends out a secretive invitation to a premiere taking place in the first half of January 2017. As usual in such cases, the whole mobile net society is buzzing with guesses and assumptions concerning the cryptographic announcement. Some voices suggest OS update, other back up the theory saying the company invites to the great unveiling of its upcoming flagship. Let’s play Sherlock and see what else we can read from the message.

HTC may announce its next flagship on January

HTC releases a mysterious announcement inviting for a special event on January 12th, 2017 , during which they can either unveil a new flagship or the HTC X10 – its another mid-range handset.

The beginning of 2017 seems to be a really exciting time in the mobile industry that right now is suffering kind of a holiday catnap. Consumer Electronic Show is held between January 3rd and 8th and T-Mobile will officially announce their new Un-carrier project on January 5th. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of debuts we will be potentially able to witness in the following weeks. As the year comes to an end, retailers announces tons of lucrative bargains to sell out the remaining stock and make some room for the new stuff, while mobile manufacturers start to gradually unveil their projects on the next year.

Cryptic innovation

HTC is no exception here, as quite recently the Taiwanese company used Tweeter to share an announcement concerning some big event they organize on January 12th, 2017. The news went viral in the speed of light evoking a fervent discussion on the HTC next move.

The invitation is pretty simple. On the blue background the company wrote down a short message “For U – 01.12.2017”. Except for addressing each customer personally, the cryptic message doesn’t give us the slightest hint so as to except from the event. Although no one knows for sure what we will be able to see on January 12th, everyone seems to have its own theory concerning the upcoming premiere.

Most popular guesses

Some of us suggest software updates for HTC phones, other speculate a new line of HTC’s smartphones. There’s also a theory saying that it may be as well the long awaited line of the HTC wearable gadgets. Since the “U” looks like the “C” on the HTC’s logo visible in the right corner of the invitation how do you thing may HTC plan to turn things on its head? Perhaps it’s a symbol of HTC redefining their approach to designing phones? Or perhaps it has not a hidden meaning at all?

HTC X10 leaks

New flagship?

No matter what the company has up its sleeve it’s top-secret. Seeing the shortage of details and how well protected against leaks they are, we can as well assume that HTC may surprise  us with the announcement of its latest flagship. Although the HTC 10 come into the light last April, it doesn’t mean that the company can’t change their launching policy and release a new phone at the moment when the public is hungry for new products…

The truth is that with the iPhone 7’s highly-criticized lack of 3.5mm headphone jack and the Note 7’s scandal, this would be a good opportunity to show that HTC has still some potential. The HTC 10 proved to be a solid device, but it was considered overpriced. In addition,  the lack of innovative technology it can boast about or even the lack of bad features we can openly criticized make the phone fell into oblivion pretty fast. So perhaps this time the mobile maker will shock us with high-tech device not its overwhelming pricing ending up speculations on giving up the mobile division.

On the other hand, the event may concern a debut of another mid-range device the manufacturer is most famous of, the HTC X10. No matter how slim the chances for seeing the next flagship on January 12th are, our appetite for it has been seriously whetted.

source: MyDrivers

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