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HTC M8 paid visit FCC, will arrive in six versions, coming to all major US carriers

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 4, 2014

HTC M8 FCCThe closer a new phone is getting to its launch the more details and facts about the device we learn. Since HTC’s All New One is scheduled for announcement on March 25th, which is by the way just three weeks from today, it’s not surprising that  leaks and rumors about the phone are getting more intense. Today brings the news about the phone paying a visit to the FCC whose certification is necessary for any electronic device before goes on sale.  For sure Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile is going to offer the new HTC’s next flagship smartphone.

HTC M8 4G LTE coming in six versions…

HTC M8 BlackThe FCC filings reveal that the next-generation HTC will arrive in as many as six models out of which five will possibly be destined for the US market. All the models appear to be identical, differing only in LTE bands support. It looks like the version for AT&T will have model number NM80P6B120, the NM80P6B200 will be headed to Verizon Wireless, while the NM80P6B700 and the NM80P6B160 are for Sprint and T-Mobile, respectively.

The model NM80P6B130 is expected to land on some of the regional carriers, since it supports 4G LTE bands used by these carriers, that is 4 and 17. Last but not least, there is the NM80P6B100 model which appears to be an international version. This variant supports LTE band 7 which is widely used in Europe, Asia and other regions.

The image accompanying the FCC filing doesn’t reveal any details about the All New HTC One, unfortunately. In fact, it’s does nothing more but outline the shape of the phone, but there is one thing a perceptive observer will notice, which is the placement of 3.5 mm headset jack. It looks like HTC moved the jack to the bottom of the device.

The filings surfaced only today, however, the samples have been sitting at the FCC since October 23rd 2013 and the devices apparently were tested between November 25th and December 4th. Why haven’t we heard anything about it before today? Hard to tell, but what is important is that the HTC One successor will almost certainly arrive on all four major US carriers as well as some regional ones. We just have to be patient for the next 21 days.

source: FCC via Phone Arena

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