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HTC is running another one of its “Hot Deals” today saving even 30% on orders

ByinSales & Special Offers | January 26, 2016

HTC Hot Deals for Today

Thinking of buying the HTC One M9, but its $650 price tag discourages you from the purchase? Right now you get a great opportunity to put your hands on the phone since HTC launched another Hot Deal promo selling its recent flagship with a special 30 percent discount. The promo refers to all items added to the cart on the manufacturers online store, however its value depends on how much you want to spend.

HTC kicks off another Hot Deal this Tuesday by cutting down prices of products listed on its official US-store, including the HTC One M9. Discounts are significant and range from 15 to 30 percent.

HTC Devices on Sale Today
While taking advantage of the today’s special offer you may get the HTC One M9 for $454.30 including a 30 percent rebate, instead of paying its regular full retail price of $650. This translates to almost $100 savings.

Already had the One M9? Don’t worry you may still benefit from the promo, since the manufacturer’s store is full of goodies you may like to put your hands on like for instance the Nexus 9 or Re Camera. Together both products cost around $700, which means that they’re subject to the 30 percent rebate and you can buy both devices for only $490. The best thing here is that the promo refers to the total value of your shopping, not only to a single item whose price need to reach the said level.

The only thing you need to do to benefit from the promo is to visit HTC’s US online store and make shopping on an sum exceeding $650.

Except the maximum 30 percent rebate the deal includes another two discounts. That also refer to all product available in the company’s online store from the latest flagships to a wide selection of mobile accessories. Going this course, you may either save 20 percent while spending $500 or 15 percent if you spend $150. As you see the rule is simple, the more you spend the more you save, but note that the promo works only with orders up to $2,000.

If you want to make use of the HTC special deal, you’d better hurry since it is a limited time offer that lasts only today until 11:59 pm.

source: HTC US

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