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HTC is working on a Windows Phablet and the ultimate “selfie” phone, known as the HTC Eye

ByinLeaks & Rumors | September 18, 2014

HTC & MicrosoftThis summer we’ve heard for the first time about HTC working on the ultimate “selfie” phone called the HTC Eye. We also got the information that one of the most popular US carriers will add the phone to their list of offerings. Today, we’ve learned a bit more about the handset’s specs. But it isn’t the only revelation of the day, the another HTC device known as the HTC M8 Eye is also a subject of the latest leaks. The handset is said to be next HTC-made Windows phone that thanks to massive display is said to belong to the phablet sector.

HTC Eye vs. HTC M8 Eye

HTC One Windows PhoneUntil now we had reason to think that the HTC Eye and the HTC Eye M8 are in true the same handset, but now, as the new details surfaced online, we can be pretty sure that there are two different products.

Let’s start with the HTC Eye, a selfie- focused smartphone. The device is speculated to feature a big 5.2-inch display of 1920x1080p resolution which translates to a high quality, extremely sharp and vivid images with the pixel density of 424 PPI. Aside the massive display, the phone is suggested to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and be available in the variety of colors, so future users may choose among red, white and blue.

Although the phone biggest advantage and the main selling point is its front-facing shooter, we still don’t know anything about its specs, but we may quite safely assume that it won’t be equipped with anything smaller than 8-megapixel front sensor, like the one we may found in the HTC Desire 820. It is still quite a mystery whether the phone will join the HTC One or HTC Desire club, but it’s a matter of less importance since the handset is expected to be offered by all major carrier in the US as well as in Europe.

Moving on to the HTC M8 Eye, the device is said to be a phablet sector offering. In terms of specs and design it is also rumored to be the copy of the HTC One (M8), with the difference in the improved camera. The One (M8)’s Duo Camera is reported to be upgraded to 13-megapixel rear shooter, which resembles the one featured by the HTC Butterfly 2. In other words, the HTC M8 Eye is the metal version of the Butterfly 2 and a plastic version of the One M8 with significantly improved main sensor.

The M8 Eye is rumored to be announced this fall (November is highly probable), as the equivalent of the previous year HTC One Max released in the fourth quarter of 2013. Additionally, HTC is possibly planning to launch two versions of the device, one running Android, other sporting Windows Phone OS, just as they did in the case of the One M8, but will there also bee few months gap between release of the two variants like it happened with the One M8?

Time will verify how much of all these leaks are true, be sure that we will keep you posted anytime we learn something more about the discussed today phones.

source: @upleaks

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