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HTC EVO 3D saves owner’s life, stops a bullet fired during robbery

ByinAnnouncements | October 29, 2013

HTC Evo 3D Hero PhoneProbably not once or even twice you stated that your phone saved your life. We can venture a guess that you did not mean it literally, but most likely referred to a super-important phone call, urgent email, stock prices or simply saving you from death from boredom. The fact is, though, that on Monday (October 28th) a phone indeed did save a man’s life by stopping a bullet on its deadly way. The hero was not any extra-rugged latest device but the modest HTC EVO 3D released in 2011.

HTC EVO 3D bulletproof smartphone, life saver

HTC Evo 3D Life SavierThe story begins like many you have heard before, but the ending is anything but ordinary. A robber enters at a gas station in Winter Garden, Orange County, Florida. He demands that clerks open store’s safe, however, they are unable to do so. The infuriated robber decides to leave but in frustration he fires a gun. Minutes later emergency services arrive.

Since there is no blood, clerks conclude than no one was hurt. One of them, however, complains of chest pain. As he prepares for examination, he discovers that his HTC EVO 3D held in his shirt pocket is in bits and pieces from the impact of the stray bullet. The man had only few bruises on his chest. The phone was declared dead on scene, obviously.

Actually, it is not the first time that a phone saved someone’s life. Interestingly, it is also not the first time that an HTC device was involved. Back in 2011, a HTC Droid Incredible also took a bullet for its owner. The HTC EVO 3D may not be one of the most exciting offerings today, but it will sure get some extra attention after the incident. If you would like to have your very own bulletproof smartphone, check out our deals on HTC EVO 3D and grab it at an attractive price starting at $40 without contract.

source: WFTV

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