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HTC 10 is now available for pre-order through Verizon, coming Unlocked next week, heading over to Sprint stores on May 13

ByinAnnouncements | April 30, 2016

Verizon is the very first US carrier to sell HTC 10 in the US
Released two weeks ago the HTC 10 is now starting to launch around the globe reaching the States on May 5. Sprint and Verizon are the very first US carriers to add the HTC’s latest flagship to their lineup with the Big Red already putting the handset for pre-order. Both carriers will give you the choice of paying the phone off upright or sign up for an installment plan. What’s more, if you are a GSM network enthusiast, the HTC 10’s unlocked version is also expected to be within our reach next week.

Verizon is the very first US carrier offering pre-orders on the HTC 10. Next week the phone will be available unlocked and later on head over to Sprint on May 13th.

Unlocked HTC 10 is on the way to the US market

According to its official press release Verizon will be the very first service provider nationwide to offer the HTC 10. The phone is already available for pre-order for $648 upfront. However, if for some reason you don’t want to pay the handset’s full retail price at the moment of purchase, you can enroll for an installment plan and spread you payments out over 24 months each worth $22.83, which translates to a total of $548. This means that if you buy the HTC 10 on the Verizon installment plan you will get it $100 cheaper than when paying it off outright.

In addition, if you want to save even more when buying the HTC 10, you can take advantage of the carrier’s trade-in program and get up to $300 for your current smartphone. As for shipping all pre-ordered this weekend phones are promised to ship by May 5th. But note that the promo on installment plan is a limited-time offer. Once the deal has expired Verizon will start to charge $27.00 per month within the said financing program.


When it comes to Sprint, although the carrier so far hasn’t opened pre-orders for the HTC 10, they officially announced that on May 13th the handset will hit the carrier’s store. The phone will be available online, in-store and over the phone sales priced at $624 upright. But just as in the case of Verizon you can sign up for a 2-year installment plan within which you will pay the device off in 24 payments each of $26.

Unlocked model

We still don’t have any official confirmation from T-Mobile on when and for how much they will start to sell the HTC 10. However, if you opt for an unlocked version of the phone you can pre-order it straight from HTC online store for $699.

The device will start shipping in the US next week if everything goes according to the distribution scheduled, which sadly can’t be taken for granted since Digital River, a company responsible for the phone’s online ordering system, is known from some delivery complications. Several weeks ago Digital River made quite a mess out of the HTC Vive release cancelling credit card payments shortly before the device’s shipping date.

If you don’t want to switch to Verizon and get the HTC 10 $100 cheaper which frankly speaking is the best currently accessible offer on the phone, no reason to hurry you can always wait for a more lucrative deal.

source: Verizon | Sprint | HTC

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