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How to score the Galaxy S6 for free? Here is an option

ByinAnnouncements | April 1, 2015

Samsung Next is nowYou will have a really hard time finding any reasons to complain about the Galaxy S6. Samsung’s latest member of the Galaxy S family is a premium device inside out and as such it’s a dream phone for hundreds of thousands of users around the world. There is one little problem, though. Like other handsets of this class, the Galaxy S6 is not cheap which means that for many users their dreams won’t come true. However, believe it or not, there is one country in the world where you can score the Galaxy S6 for free.

Where to get a free Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6If you thought about Samsung’s home market, South Korea, then you are right. The manufacturer teamed up with Korean carrier SK Telecom to launch a very special promotion for its most devoted fans. Samsung will offer a free Galaxy S6 for all SK Telecom subscribers who still own the first generation Galaxy S or who have bought all Galaxy S models ever released. Moreover, the carrier will throw in year’s worth of free calls.

We admit that it sounds kind of crazy, but such users really exist. According to SK Telecom, about 15 million customers had at least one Galaxy S phone and about 17,000 still use the very first model of the series. The carrier estimates that there are about 1,600 customers who have been faithful to the Galaxy S lineup since it came into existence in 2010. The series includes 13 models which over the course of five years is more than two phones per year. That kind of loyalty certainly deserves a special reward.

It’s not every day that you can get one of the most high-end smartphones for free immediately after it was released. It usually takes a few weeks or even months for the first price cuts to begin and in most cases you won’t be able to grab a premium device for free at least until next generation model is ready for sale. That’s why the promotion is such as treat for Galaxy S series fans. For Korean customers’ sake, let’s hope it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke because the deal sounds awesome. Is anyone planning to visit South Korea any time soon?

source: Chosun

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