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How to pick the right cell phone.

How to pick the right cell phone

What you need to know:

The choices to consider when shopping for a cell phone may in many cases cause confusion. Week after week, new discounted phones are offered by dealers. Additionally manufacturers regularly announce releases of new models weeks and months before the phone is on the market. Newly distributed models offer new shapes, features, better solutions, and improved performance. All these options can be exhausting.

Ultimately, picking the right cell phone is a personal choice. You want to buy a phone that is right for you. Before you get hypnotized, and lost, by the great offers and deals provided by salesman, try to determinate your needs first. Simply specify what you expect from your new phone. What determinates that the phone you have chosen will meet your expectations?

Here are some tips that should narrow your search. Answer the following questions and find the right phone that offers the best combination of style, features, and performance for you. Once you have done your homework, start searching for the cheapest price for your desired cell phone.

Step 1: What design should I choose?

Choose between: flip phones, candy bar, swivel, and slider phones – the most popular form factors on the market. While each form factor has distinctive attributes at this step consider the advantages of weight, size, portability, ease of use, screen size, and protection against accidental dialing. Who likes to see tons of calls made to one person while carrying the phone in your pocket? The best protection against accidental dialing is provided by flip phones also called clamshell phones. The whole keypad is safely isolated when the phone is closed, so no worries about embarrassing situations with unwanted calls.

Slider phones very often offer a few buttons on the front, large screen and slim durable design. Newest slider models often sport in QWERTY keyboard revealed when they slide open. Thanks to its simplicity, the bar phones (candybar) provide increased screen size and more features than any other form factors. Very popular among bar phones are touch screen phones providing largest screens on the market, which give additional “wow” factor to the handset. See for instance iPhone or HTC Evo.

Fewest in number, but also available are swivel phones, which usually sport larger screen for texting, browsing, watching videos or TV – see for example Sidekicks. Also beyond the shape, think about the color of your phone, if you are professional it might be a little akward answering a hot pink handset during your business meeting. Try to choose a cell phone which matches your life style.

Step 2: Evaluate cell phone features.

Step 3: Consider performance.

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14 Responses to “How to pick the right cell phone.”

  1. These Wifi enabled phones get each of the common purposes regarding messaging like text, MMS,
    E-Mails and Instant-Messaging. While to the other hand spend specials
    should helpful for individuals with somewhat less calling requirements.

  2. How will I know the phone I buy will work with my service provider? I don’t want to buy the phone and can’t add it to my plan.

    • Jane, in product listings each phone is specified which service provider it can be used with. You can locate it in phone’s specs section. What carrier do you need the phone for?

  3. Hoe do I know if I can use the phone with my current contract or if it is a “pay by minute” phone?

  4. can i use the straight talk unlimited cards from walmart with any of the straight talk phones on here

  5. What phones Have a good long-lasting battery Life ? Like I want the Note II or the Galaxy S3

    • Hi Kidbobby, the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD is the best handset available on market in terms of battery life, however, it has been launched on Verizon network only. The Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III are premium smartphones that come with strong batteries and offer users long lasting battery life.

  6. Hey, I found this really useful & it helped me out a lot.

  7. An outstanding share! Thanx for spending time to talk about this topic.

  8. What is the best cellphone to buy?

  9. avnish gautam on June 3, 2012 @ 1:30 pm

    Unique and amazing ways to pick best mobile phones.

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