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How to choose the right smartphone.

ByinTips & Guides | March 17, 2014

How to choose right smartphoneA smartphone is not any more an ordinary device designed for making or receiving calls. In the last year it has transformed into a personal assistant which keeps us connected to the world entire time no matter where we are. Whether you use a phone for professional life or entertainment it is important to determine which smartphone is right for you before you buy one. After all these gadgets are not cheap. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a seemingly cool smartphone only to realize that you don’t like it or does not suit your needs. Here are few tips that will help you to buy the right smartphone no matter if its an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Smartphone Display Size

Happy Smartphone UserSmartphone display sizes have increased dramatically in the past few years. Today can come across low-end smartphones measuring a little over 3 inches diagonally, or mid-rangers and high-end phones as huge as over 6 inches. Compact phones are perfect for one-handed usage and can easily slip into small pockets. Handsets with bigger displays, also known as phablets, are not as portable, so you can forget about carrying them in your jeans pocket. Also, unless you have extremely long thumbs, you will need both hands to use such phone. On the other hand, big screens provide better experience while watching movies, playing games or browsing the web.

Processor and RAM

Performance of a smartphone depends on the processor and RAM. Texting, making calls or snapping an occasional photo is not very straining on the chip so even a weaker processor will most likely do the job. However, if you intend to do some heavy computing or playing, it could be wise to invest your money in a better processor and more RAM to make sure all your apps run smoothly.

Consider Storage

Mobile EntertainmentInternal memory in smartphones ranges from 4 GB to 64 GB and can be expandable or non-expandable. Smartphones with non-expandable memory, for instance iPhones, typically come with no less than 16 GB of storage, however, if you are planning to download a lot of space-consuming content such as videos, you can fill that up pretty quickly. In such case you will have no choice but to delete some of the content in order to add new. Expandable storage is a practical alternative if you want to keep all your content without any sacrifices. You can store your apps and files on microSD cards and use a new one every time you need more room.

Battery Capacity

There is nothing more annoying than your phone dying on you when you need to make an important call, so it is crucial that it can get you through the day without having to frantically search for a source of power. Battery life in a smartphone depends not only on the capacity of the battery itself but also on your usage habits. If you are browsing the internet or playing games often, it could be a good idea to look for a device with a larger battery.

Additional features

Shooting Photo with SmartphoneOf course it would be cool to have a smartphone packed full with the latest innovative features and ground-breaking technology. A 4G LTE technology, 41MP camera, picture stabilization, fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, waterproof build or curved design sound incredibly tempting. However, before you give in to social pressure, take a deep breath and consider whether you really need these features or you want a fancy smartphone just for the sake of having it. Non-standard features generate additional cost and you may end up paying extra for something you may rarely need or never use.

Even if you know all about the phones in theory, it would be wise if you could get some live experience. Before buying a particular model, we recommend to get your hands on as many handsets as you can. Ask your friends if they could let you play with theirs phones for a while, which will give you a picture how the device feel in a hand. When you get the feel of various devices, it will be much easier to choose the smartphone that would suite your preferences the best.

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  1. I have iphone 5 and want to know which of the latest iphones are safe from explosion or getting too hot?

    • Mickey, to avoid explosions stay away from the Galaxy Note 7. As for the iPhones, I would recommend iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and iPhone 5S.

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