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How to buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus today

ByinTips & Guides | September 16, 2016

Few tricks you can try to buy iPhone 7 today

Every year is the same – as soon as a new iPhone is out, rumors regarding the next model start popping up making you wish it was here already. By mid-summer anticipation is so high that you start counting days to launch. Then September arrives, Apple announces a new iPhone and… websites go down or the device sells out faster than you can say pre-order. This year is no different. In fact, it seems that this year is worse than ever as it appears to be impossible to get the hottest variants of the iPhone 7 if you haven’t reserved a unit earlier. While the Jet Black iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus are indeed hard to come by, there are a few tricks you try to buy the device today.

Can’t get your hands on the new iPhone 7? Here’s what you can do to stand a chance to grab the phone today.

How to buy iPhone 7 todayWait in line

Users who managed to pre-order the iPhone 7 have nothing to worry about as they will get their units. If, however, you weren’t that lucky, whether it was Apple’s fault or your own, it doesn’t mean that you will have to be iPhone-less for the next few weeks or even months. Instead of waiting for the device to be delivered to your doorstep, you can try good ol’ waiting in line in front of Apple Store. Even if you don’t get your dream Jet Black or 7 Plus, opting for the regular size 4.7-inch iPhone 7 of a standard color might not be such a bad idea. It may turn out that you in fact really like this version. If not, you can always try to sell the device to get your money back.

Visit a carrier store

It’s not a secret that the Apple Store has way more units of the iPhone than any carrier. Everyone knows that, so most folks go to the Apple Store thinking that this way they will increase their chances of grabbing the phone at launch. It results in lines from here to Timbuktu and obviously not enough iPhones for everyone. Since all these people are camping out in front of Apple Stores, chances are that crowds in carrier stores, especially smaller ones located in more remote areas, won’t be that huge. Consequently, even though quantities tend to be limited, you might get lucky and find exactly the model you are looking for.

Come back tomorrow

It’s not exactly the same as getting the Jet Black iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus on day one, but it still beats waiting another few weeks or even months. Of course, the iPhone won’t miraculously multiply overnight, but there is a possibility, albeit pretty remote one, that some users who reserved the phone, missed their window to claim their units. In such case, the device will sit in the store for a while and if you are lucky, you might be there just in time to snag it.
The Jet Black iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are hard to come by

Try Amazon

It’s not the best option if you have a limited budget, since brand new iPhones can cost on Amazon even three times as much as in other places. However, if you feel that your life will lose its meaning without a new iPhone and you don’t care about the price, Amazon might be your best shot. And it’s the easiest option too, since you won’t risk getting elbowed in the ribs in a store and then still coming home with nothing.

Ask for help

Running from place to place in search for the iPhone is pointless, since you have to wait in line anyway. That said, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be in many places at the same time? Unless you can clone yourself, it’s impossible, but you can have representatives who will act on your behalf. Gather your close family or trusted friends and if every member of the group hits a different store, your chances of finding the iPhone will significantly increase. Just make sure that no member of your team will double cross you and buy the iPhone and then want to resell it at a higher price.

If any of the above fails, your only option might be to hope for a miracle. Or better yet, muster up some patience and wait for Apple to restock. In any case, we wish you best of luck.

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