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How to buy a cheap phone.

How to buy a cheap phone

What you need to look for:

Look for refurbished or used phones. You can save up to 70% off the retail price by purchasing a pre-owned or reconditioned phone.

Choose an older model. Phones released two, three years ago carrying the same features as the one released lately can be even 50 % cheaper.

Decide what you need from a phone; specify features you will use. Don’t go for phones with features you’ll never use. Why overpay for something you don’t need?

Don’t buy direct from the provider store or the first local retail store you walk into. Search online for desired cell phone; compare prices first.

Buy online from third party retail stores which buy directly from manufacturers, participate in recycling, donation or collection programs.

Buy online from retailers outside of your state. Avoid the state taxation. You can always save a few dollars – up to 10% off depending on state sales tax.

Search online for coupon codes which can be redeemed during checkout process. Once you have selected the store, it is wise to search for coupon codes before finishing checkout. You can always save a few dollars, get free shipping or receive freebie if you find a valid promo code for your store.

Visit seller social sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You may get exclusive information about upcoming events, sales, discounts and / or free bies, free shipping.

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  1. prashant adhikari on August 24, 2017 @ 3:41 am

    i am insearch of used iphone 7.i want to know the price what i should pay for it.

  2. I need a smart phone that is cheap and over $10.00
    From AT&T and ordered


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