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This is how the new iPhone 5S will look like

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 17, 2013

iPhoneIf you are one of those who impatiently await the unveiling of the iPhone 5S, we have a little something that will give you some fresh ideas to think about. A set of photos, allegedly portraying the iPhone 5S, has appeared online and is making a round on the web. The photos, which were posted on a blog on Chinese website Zol, are said to come from Foxconn plant where the device is being manufactured.

The images show the front as well as rear panels of the upcoming device and we can see that it all looks strangely familiar to the iPhone 5. There are two plausible explanations. iPhones 5SOne possibility is that Apple decided to leave the case unchanged and focus on upgrading the insides instead. Or the photos may be a hoax and we are looking at the components of the current version of the iPhone.

For the time being, there is no way to confirm whether the photos are legit or not but we have already heard that the iPhone 5S might not differ from its predecessor in terms of design and we should expect all the new to be packed inside. Recent rumors claim, for example, that one of the improvements will be a much more powerful A7 processor. We are also led to believed that visual changes will come with the iPhone 6 which is scheduled to launch later in 2013. We will see.

source: Zol

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