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Having a problem which Android phone to choose? Google may have a solution for you…

ByinAnnouncements | June 13, 2015

Which Android phone to choose | Cheap Phones
As we emphasized many times before, choosing a new smartphone is not an easy task. There are literally dozens of brands offering hundreds of models and each one is unique in its own way. Sure, you can turn to your friends, but they won’t be objective and will give you their opinion based on their personal experiences. You can also go to a store and ask for help, but you may come across an incompetent employee who would sell you any piece of trash just to empty the shelves or score the highest commission. So what can you do if you are having a problem which Android phone to choose? Google may have a solution for you…

Need help with choosing the right Android phone?

Find Android Phone For You
The company just launched a new website that can help you find the right Android phone for you, or at least narrow down your choices. The new tool is pretty easy to use and chooses a phone model based on your needs.

First, Google will ask you what the main purpose of your phone will be, for example, making calls, texting, taking photos, social media, etc. There are 12 categories in total, each one has several follow up questions, such as “how often do you text, chat, or instant message?”, “How often do you listen to music on your phone?”, “How important is the looks of your phone?”, an so on.

When you are done with categories (you have to choose three), Google will then ask you to pick a carrier. You can even choose a size and price category and voila – you have a list of phones that could potentially match your lifestyle, complete with purchase links. Keep in mind, though, that at the moment the site shows phones that are available only in the US.

Google’s new tool is pretty basic, so if you are familiar with the most popular smartphone brands, it won’t be of much assistance. Moreover, the site seems to focus mostly on flagship devices. However, users who are just beginning their adventure with smartphones and don’t even know where to start, might find the site helpful. Either way, it’s worth trying out, even if just to have some fun.

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