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AT&T GoPhone plans get more data and unlimited calling to Mexico

ByinAnnouncements | February 17, 2015

AT&TToday AT&T announced that GoPhone plans will now be granted with extra data allotments and unlimited calling to Mexico. The new offer kicks off this Friday giving subscribers 1.5GB of high speed data for $45 per month and 4GB of high speed data for $60 per month. Additionally, both plans deliver unlimited text and talk services to over 100 countries. So, if you have your family or friends in Guadalajara, Tijuana or Mexico City, stay with us because we’re going to take a close-up at the latest AT&T promo offer.

GoPhone Prepaid Plans will offer more data

Go PhoneGetting into force almost immediately, the new AT&T GoPhone plans offer is oriented towards all those of us craving for more high speed data. While increasing the amount of data allotments, the carrier promises to deliver customers the best customer service possible. What should compensate the fact that when it comes to pricing AT&T isn’t the cheapest LTE service provider.

Moving on, the new GoPhone plans boosts data allotment from 1GB to 1.5GB, while the price remains unchanged, which means we will have to pay $45 monthly payments if we choose this option. Still, if 1.5GB of data isn’t enough to you, you can pay $60 each month and get 4GB of high speed data, instead of regular 2.5GB.

To make things look even more tempting, the $60 plan additionally offers free unlimited calling to Mexico. Sadly, the cheaper $45 option doesn’t cover this part of service, though it provides its users with unlimited texting to Canada, Mexico and a hundred other countries.

Just like before, when you use up all your high speed data allotment, you will still have access to it but AT&T will decrease your speed to 2G, which is just 128KBPS.

So, I for some reason you’re thinking about changing your service provider any time soon, this may be a great opportunity to make the final decision and opt in to AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid service to benefit from their revamped plans. On the other side, what do you think? Is the 1.5GB data for $45 enough to bring to the carrier new customers?

source: AT&T

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