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Introducing GooPhone i5S, a cheap iPhone 5S clone with Android Jelly Bean for $99

ByinNew Phones | March 11, 2013

GooPhone i5S PriceWho wants a brand new iPhone 5S? The unveiling of the Apple iPhone 5S is expected to happen later this year, but you can already buy a device that looks very similar to the original. The handset is manufactured by GooPhone and is selling under the name GooPhone i5S. If the story sounds familiar, it should, since that is exactly what happened last year when iPhone 5 clone was announced before the actual iPhone 5. GooPhone company is also known for cloning popular mobile devices, such as iPad mini, HTC One and Galaxy Note 2.

GooPhone i5S Android Phone with iOS Skin

iPhone 5S CloneStill, this piece of news comes as a bit of a surprise. Even more surprising is the price that the company is asking for the iPhone 5S knock off. The first 1,000 customers will be able to treat themselves to the handset for just $99. The rest will have to pay a bit more, which is $149.99.

While the handsets look almost identical and at a first glance may be hard to tell apart, the differences in the insides are significant, which is to be expected since the GooPhone i5S is just a clone after all. The handset comes with a 4-inch display, 1 GHz dual-core MT6577 processor and 512 GB of RAM. There is also a 5 megapixel camera on the back.

The phone runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean customized to look like iOS. For users who prefer Android there is an easy option to switch between stock Android and the ripoff skin.

more info: Android-Sale

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