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Google working on Pure Google Phone with Motorola. Introducing Phone X and Tablet X project

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 22, 2012

Pure Google PhoneGoogle has achieved indisputable success with its latest Nexus 4 smartphone by LG and tablets Nexus 7 and 10 by Asus, except of the obvious availability problems for such high demand. However, despite of the accomplishment, the company seems to have set its mind on a new bigger project.

Google NexusWhile the Nexus’s operating system is pure Android platform – the way Google intended it to be, the hardware department of the company is now preparing to release a pure Google phone with its new partner. If the news reported by Wall Street Journal turns out to be true, we will be enjoying a pure Google phone manufactured by Motorola in the not so distant future. The phone the companies are supposedly working on is codenamed Phone X, and it is said to be followed by a Tablet X, which will rival products from Samsung and Apple.

The person in charge with the Phone X project is Lior Ron, who previously managed Google’s successful Maps service. According to the rumors, Motorola will provide a high-quality camera and great photo software as well as unprecedented innovations like bendable screen and ceramic materials. The Phone X will apparently integrate technology from Viewdle, an image and gesture recognition company that Motorola bought in October.

more info: Wall Street Journal

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